W Doha Hotel & Residences

  • West Bay,
  • P.O. box 19573, Zona 61, rua 831, edifício 262
  • Doha,
  • Qatar
  • Mapa

W Doha Hotel & Residences

  • Elevate your experience at Market by Jean-Georges Doha and start off with this amazing appetizer, Steak Tartare with French Fries and Lime.
    Maio 25
  • Stop by and join us in our latest W Happening as we showcase the winning fashion collection of Maryam Al Darwish! Contact us for more info.
    Maio 24
  • @thebelletolls Happy Birthday Alicia! Hope you have an amazing evening.
    Maio 25
  • Pappardelle Papermoon #pasta for lunch anyone? Stop by for the best Italian #food at La Spiga! pic.twitter.com/RJ9KfZaUVD
    Maio 25

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Every year W Doha awards one up-and-coming design student of the Virginia Comonwealth University in Qatar the chance to be supported in the start of their career for one year. Rabab Abdulla, winner of the the W Doha & VCU Fashion awards 2013, will showcase her collection "Timeless Blend."