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  • Seoul,
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Children per Room

This information enables us to identify the rooms that will best accommodate your party and to prepare for your arrival.

See room terms and details for information about rollaway and/or extra person charges.

Note: At this hotel guests 12 and under are considered children. Please adjust the number of adults and children as needed.
Please see room terms and details for information about rollaway and/or extra person charges.

Family Plan Policy

Children who are 12 or younger sleep for free in the existing bedding of a room shared with a paying adult. Rollaways, child rollaways and cribs may incur extra charges.

W Seoul - Walkerhill - AWAY Spa WATER Zone


W Seoul - Walkerhill

The first of its kind in Korea, AWAY® Spa is 16,400 square feet of pure relaxation perfection. The spa is a mix of the best local culture, western treatments and eastern spirituality with a dash of post modern eclecticism creating an idyllic retreat that will nurture the body, indulge the senses and soothe the soul.

Treatments include a plethora of body and beauty therapies like hydrotherapy baths, watsu, Thai and traditional massages as well as body wraps and exfoliants. Next, make your way to a hair and beauty salon where facials, manicures, pedicures and every type of hair treatment await.

Our signature treatments involve an eclectic mix of old and new ranging from the traditional Korean Yin Yang therapy, Ancient Ayurvedic treatments, Turkish Hammam ceremonies to Super Anti-Oxidant facials and detoxifying Korean red clay masks. Our special Aroma Stone Touch ritual incorporates Aromatherapy and tension releasing effleurage, starting with warm sculpted river stones used as an extension of the therapist's hands to bring you deep relaxation, grounding and perfect balance. And unique to the AWAY Spa is the Hammam Ceremony, an ancient Turkish ritual incorporating scrubs, oils, natural soaps and steamed herbs, administered by ‘Tellak’ - Turkish-trained therapists.

When it's time to stretch your legs, there is yoga, pilates and tai chi to help you get centered. Want to have a water fight? The WATER Zone and the Sauna on level 2 harmonies the ying of technology with the yang of nature, featuring 7 thematic bath tubs, therapeutic hot spring waters, and Turkish Hammam and Watsu services.

Please note the following:

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the spa, the WATER Zone or FIT gym. Other than spa treatment rooms, spa facilities are reserved for hotel guests and members only.

Due to cultural sensitivity, please advise our Talent before entering WET, FIT or the WATER Zone if you have a hand-sized or larger tattoo. A patch and/or a swimsuit can be provided to cover the tattoo.

Guests must be undressed to enter the WATER Zone. Access to the WATER Zone incurs an additional fee.

All prices are quoted in South Korean Won (KRW), do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.


Ambience: State-of-the-art technology and natural elements meld in perfect harmony in this cool, ultra-modern chill-out zone.
Spa Dining: Tonic (Spa Café and Juice Bar)
Products: Valmont, Skin Ceuticals, Sundari
Special Facilities: 17 treatment rooms, a hammam, outdoor and indoor jacuzzis, Spa café and a rooftop leisure area.
Spa hours: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Treatment Services from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM)
Call The Spa: (82)(2) 2022 0450

Bath Treatment

  • Away Soak (Add On)
    Add on this luxe bath treatment, and you'll rev up blood circulation and revive your body head to toe. Select from a soothing coconut milk bath; a nourishing, purifying mud bath; or an awakening Marine Enzyme bath.
    • Fees: 30 minutes/KRW 70,000

Body Treatments

  • Natural Salt Glow
    Get your glow back after a long trip or a rigorous workout with this detoxifying and relaxing treatment, which increases circulation by calling on the natural power and vitality of salt.
    • Fees: 40 minutes/KRW 100,000, 60 minutes/KRW 160,000

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  • Organic Green Tea Exfoliation
    Tea time has never been this relaxing. With pure green tea made of the best anti-oxidative botanical elements and extracts of mineral salt and grapefruit seed, this treatment softens and refreshes tired skin and achey muscles.
    • Fees: 40 minutes/KRW 100,000, 60 minutes/KRW 160,000
  • Nourishing Repair
    Soften up with this gentle exfoliation with jojoba beads, followed by a silky body wrap infused with geranium, lavender, mandarin, and lotus oils. Finally, a mud scalp massage and marine mineral facial will prevent aging and restore vitality.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 350,000
  • Refining Body Toner
    Treat yourself to some full body bliss. This pure, natural body mask contains extracts of Agiletz pink clay and herbs to enhance cell renewal and repair, deeply nourishing and moisturizing your skin.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 150,000
  • Contouring Marine Body Wrap
    Speed up your metabolism and smooth cellulite with this refreshing exfoliation using a mixture of pure pumice and volcanic clay, followed by a warm body mask with a mixture of Australian green clay, marine minerals and plant extracts.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 150,000
  • Awakening Body Wrap
    Enliven your body and remove toxins with this wrap of marine minerals, algae and herbs. Turn up the bliss factor with a simultaneous scalp-relaxing massage.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 150,000
  • Vanilla Silky Coat
    Relax with this delicious body treatment, which uses soft, fragrant, and deeply moisturizing vanilla and sandalwood powders to pacify the body and mind. It is also safe and effective during and after pregnancy.
    • Fees: 40 minutes/KRW 100,000, 60 minutes/KRW 160,000
  • Back Off
    This multi-process treatment will detoxify and revitalize your body with a salt scrub, aroma steam, aroma massage and mask. Relieve tension, expedite the your circulation of lymph, and tell stress to back off!
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 150,000

General Services

  • Mother to Be
    This comforting and nourishing treatment especially for expecting mothers helps prevent muscular tension, edema and stretch marks.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 150,000, 90 minutes/KRW 210,000
  • Ear Candling (Add On)
    It contains aroma oil and is effective for stress - reduction and a sound sleep.
    • Fees: 30 minutes/KRW 60,000

Hands & Feet

  • Pregnancy Leg & Foot
    Moms-to-be will love this pampering treatment, which helps to alleviate swelling and fatigue in both feet and legs. So go ahead, put your feet up and relax.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 120,000
  • Mint Foot Fetish
    This minty foot treatment will leave your feet feeling (and smelling) sublime, but it doesn't end there. It calls on the science of reflexology massage to activate the functions of every organ and improve the natural healing power of the body.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 120,000
  • Hand Retreat (Add On)
    This moisturizing treatment treats your hands to an aromatic steam and jojoba bead scrub, followed by hand cream massage with fragrant lavender, geranium, lemon and shea butter.
    • Fees: 30 minutes/KRW 60,000

Massage Services

  • Korean
    Who's tense? This traditional Korean deep tissue touch technique helps mend muscular-skeletal problems, while saving you from spasms and tension, opening energy channels for a sense of total renewal.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 160,000, 90 minutes/KRW 220,000
  • Pure Aroma
    By using a customized mix of pure aromatic oil made from 100% natural essential oils, this massage relieves tension and muscle fatigue. You'll leave refreshed and renewed.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 160,000, 90 minutes/KRW 220,000
  • Energy Stone Facial
    As the best anti-aging treatment, gotu cola, extracted from the Himalayan fatty acid plants with strong regenerative abilities and firming effects, is used together with gemstones of bio-energy to provide energy for skin cells.
    • Fees: 90 minutes/KRW 230,000
  • Muscle Relief
    This acupressure treatment helps correct internal problems by pressing specific areas and points of the body with fingers, thumbs, palms and elbows.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 160,000; 90 minutes/KRW 230,000
  • Soul to Sole
    Tip to toe relief. Battle stress and fatigue from the top down with this full-body treatment.
    • Fees: 90 minutes/KRW 220,000

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  • Indian Head
    This relaxing massage uses soothing rosemary, lavender and peppermint oils to relieve tension. Followed by a cleansing ear candling treatment, it's a detoxifying and soothing experience.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 120,000
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Stress Relief
    Your back, neck, and shoulders work hard, so they deserve extra TLC. Using aromatic lavender, ginger and eucalyptus oils, this soothing massage targets this common trouble zone to relieve stress and leave you feeling like new.
    • Fees: 40 minutes/KRW 110,000
  • Aroma Stone
    Draw on the heat and energy of stones, along with aromatherapy to facilitate smooth blood and lymph circulation, and restore balance while soothing mind and body.
    • Fees: 90 minutes/KRW 220,000
  • Gentlemen
    Deep cleansing that contains neem extract, which has good moisturizing and curing effects, eliminates waste matter in the pores, controls the balance of moisture and improves skin tone.
    • Fees: 90 minutes/KRW 210,000
  • Thai
    As a traditional Thai treatment based on the principles of yoga, it uses its basic action of stretching to stimulate muscles, boost flexibility, and keep balance of energy flow in the body.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 145,000, 90 minutes/KRW 205,000
  • Green Apple
    Anti-oxidant phloretin, extracted from the skin of green apples and vitamin C, protects your skin from free oxygen radical and activated molecules. It also enhance skin tone.
    • Fees: 70 miunutes/KRW 190,000
  • Swedish
    As a type of traditional European treatments based on oil coating technique, soft and long, it pacifies the body and mind.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 145,000, 90 minutes/KRW 205,000

Skin Care Services

  • Eye Zone Thermal (Add On)
    Eyes might be the window to the soul, but eyelids are tattletales when it comes to your age. Never fear: this warm mineral mask calls on rose and calendula extracts to increase eyelid firmness and elasticity while reducing wrinkles and dark circles.
    • Fees: 30 minutes/KRW 70,000
  • Super Active
    Using seaweed plasma extracts, rich in vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, resulting from cryogenic grinding, this moisturizing facial improves skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for dry, dark or melasma-prone skin.
    • Fees: 90 minutes/KRW 250,000
  • Pure Radiance
    Get glowing. Strong botanical anti-oxidative elements protect skin, control tonal balance, and put pores in order. You'll look and feel amazing.
    • Fees: 70 minutes/KRW 150,000

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  • Stop & Relax Facial (Add on)
    Treat yourself to this facial, tailored to your skin type. Enjoy a cleansing, herbal steam and then mask treatment, or a facial massage.
    • Fees: 30 minutes/KRW 80,000
  • Whiter Than Snow
    Get in the clear. This treatment is divine for skin damaged by sun, hormonal changes, and stress. Reduce irregular pigmentation, freckles, and dark spots and reveal a whole new you.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 480,000

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  • White & Blanc
    Who really is the fairest of them all? This illuminating, anti-aging facial calls on extracts of lemon, licorice and saxifrage to stimulate collagen production and reveal a lighter, brighter complexion.
    • Fees: 70 minutes/KRW 190,000
  • Marine Lift
    Remixing marine collagen with marine elastin, this effective facial revives the complexion down to the dermal layer, instantly moisturizing skin, improving its elasticity, and firming and lifting facial contours.
    • Fees: 70 minutes/KRW 190,000
  • The Blissful
    Complexion issues? Don't stress. Moisturize, remineralize, and revitalize your complexion with this bliss-inducing facial.
    • Fees: 90 minutes/KRW 230,000

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  • Face Up
    Give your face a natural lift. This cool collagen mask will bring elasticity back to your face and neck. Say farewell to wrinkles, and hello to fabulous.
    • Fees: 90 minutes/KRW 340,000
  • Youthful Bust (Add On)
    More is more. Supplement any body therapy with this firming treatment that---using the highest quality rose and pink clay extracts, synthesized with olive oil---prevents sagging and promotes lift, leaving the décolletage healthy and taut.
    • Fees: 30 minutes/KRW 70,000


  • With Me III - Sweet Aroma Harmony
    Want it all? You’ve got it. Take your experience to a new level with this Sweet Aroma Harmony package.
    • Fees: 210 minutes/KRW 930,000

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  • With Me II - Coconut Hot Shell
    Remix your romantic side. This soothing couples’ package includes a 30 minute Ying+Yang Milk Bath in an oversized bronze bathtub, 60 minute Coconut Hot Shell body massage, and a 60 minute purifying Marine Mineral Facial (for all skin types).
    • Fees: 150 minutes/KRW 720,000
  • With Me 1 - Sweet Chocolate
    Welcome to the warmth of cool. Your body and mind will thank you after our skilled therapists give you a Swedish massage with chocolate oil derived from cacao butter followed by an mini facial treatment. Wow.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 550,000
  • Muscle Relief
    Wellness, amplified. This healing acupressure therapy addresses health issues---such as fascia and muscle pain---by pressing specific points on the body, with fingers, palms and elbows, while simultaneously restoring vitality to the body and mind.
    • Fees: 60 minutes/KRW 160,000; 90 minutes/KRW 230,000
  • Shiro Abhyanga
    This treatment eliminates toxicity in the body and provides vitality.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 320,000

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  • Detox Refresher
    Rev up with this energizing and detoxifying scrub, massage, and mini-facial combo.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 330,000

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  • Wellbeing Life
    Available exclusively to overnight guests of the hotel, this 270 minutes package includes: Consultation & Body Analysis, Yoga Personal Training at FIT, Abhyanga, Indian head, Intensive Healing Facial, and a meal at Tonic, our casual restaurant.
    • Fees: 270 minutes/KRW 510,000
  • Travel Reviver
    This 3-hour spa package will transport you, body and soul, with 4 of our treatments. It includes: Natural Salt Glow, Trevel Relief Touch, Thermal infusing Facial, and Healing Scalp.
    • Fees: 3 hours/KRW 450,000
  • Ginseng Retreat
    Scrub and body massage made blending 6-year old ginseng with 15 different kinds of herbs to help vitalize and balance harmony between your body and mind from excess fatigue.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 300,000

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  • Aroma Ritual
    Who wants a sensational sensory experience? Aromatic essential oils are used to help relax and restore while reviving your mind and spirit.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 350,000

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  • Away of Indulgence
    Want it all? Treat yourself to a day of sheer indulgence, with 8 of our most pampering treatments: Vanilla Vichy, Pure Aroma, Refining Body Mask, Face up, Mint Foot Fetish, Hand Retreat, Scalp Mud, and a meal at Tonic, our casual restaurant.
    • Fees: 5 hours/KRW 1,000,000
  • Muscle Relaxer
    No stress. Fusing Marine Bowler and Shiatsu body therapies, this relaxing treatment eliminates muscle tension and remedies stress-induced insomnia. An energizing marine mineral body wrap, amplified by warm hydro-stream, removes any lingering tension.
    • Fees: 120 minutes/KRW 320,000