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W Seoul - Walkerhill - AWAY Spa WATER Zone


W Seoul - Walkerhill

The first of its kind in Korea, AWAY® Spa is 16,400 square feet of pure relaxation perfection. The spa is a mix of the best local culture, western treatments and eastern spirituality with a dash of post modern eclecticism creating an idyllic retreat that will nurture the body, indulge the senses and soothe the soul.

Treatments include a plethora of body and beauty therapies like hydrotherapy baths, body wraps, and exfoliants. Next, make your way to a hair and beauty salon where facials, manicures, pedicures and every type of hair treatment await.

Our signature treatments involve an eclectic mix of old and new ranging from the traditional Korean Yin Yang therapy, Ancient Ayurvedic treatments, Turkish Hammam ceremonies to Super Anti-Oxidant facials. Our special Aroma Stone Touch ritual incorporates Aromatherapy and tension releasing effleurage, starting with warm sculpted river stones used as an extension of the therapist's hands to bring you deep relaxation, grounding and perfect balance. And unique to the AWAY Spa is the Hammam Ceremony, an ancient Turkish ritual incorporating scrubs, oils, natural soaps and steamed herbs, administered by ‘Tellak’ - Turkish-trained therapists.

When it's time to stretch your legs, there is yoga, pilates and tai chi to help you get centered. Want to have a water fight? The WATER Zone and the Sauna on level 2 harmonies the ying of technology with the yang of nature.

Please note the following:

  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the spa, the WATER Zone or FIT gym.
  • Other than spa treatment rooms, spa facilities are reserved for hotel guests and members only.
  • Due to cultural sensitivity, please advise our Talent before entering WET, FIT or the WATER Zone if you have a hand-sized or larger tattoo. A patch and/or a swimsuit can be provided to cover the tattoo.
  • Hotel guests must be undressed to enter the WATER Zone. Access to the WATER Zone incurs an additional fee.

All prices are quoted in South Korean Won (KRW), do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.


Обстановка: State-of-the-art technology and natural elements meld in perfect harmony in this cool, ultra-modern chill-out zone.
Спа-питание: Tonic (Spa Café and Juice Bar)
Продукция: Valmont, THALGO, OM, Camadoli
Специальные помещения: 17 treatment rooms, a hammam, outdoor and indoor jacuzzis, Spa café and a rooftop leisure area.
Часы работы спа-центра: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Treatment Services from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM)
Позвонить в спа-центр: (82)(2) 2022 0450

Body Treatments

  • Back Off
    A marine algae mask—known for its excellent detoxifying effect—and calendula flower oil are used to calm skin and relieve tension.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 176,000
  • Body Scrub (Add-On)
    This treatment purifies skin and ensures a smooth texture. Choose from Coconut & Vanilla Scrub - Nourish, Calendula & Salt Glow - Energize, and Ginseng Scrub - Oriental.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/KRW 110,000
  • Vitality Vichy
    Relieve fatigue and stress through water therapy and a body scrub. Choose from Coconut & Vanilla Scrub - Nourish, Calendula & Salt Glow - Energize, and Ginseng Scrub - Oriental.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 187,000
  • Refreshing Detox Body Wrap
    Natural marine algae contain an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are effective for detoxification and diaphoresis. This nourishing treatment leaves skin smooth and elastic.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 187,000
  • AWAY Body Treat
    Water therapy supplies an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that provide gloss and moisture to your skin.
    • Стоимость: 90 minutes/KRW 275,000
  • Hand Retreat (Add-On)
    Shea butter and jojoba oil provide ample moisture and nourishment.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/KRW 77,000
  • Enrich Nourishing Body Wrap
    The Enrich Nourishing Body Wrap comfortably recovers your strength. Body cream—comprising rice bran and lotus extract—is designed to instantly provide moisture and nutrition, leaving your skin soft as silk.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 187,000
  • Firming Bust (Add-On)
    The Firming Bust treatment prevents the sagging of tissues and improves elasticity.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/KRW 77,000
  • Ear Candling (Add-On)
    This hot treatment uses ear candles to help relieve stress and provide you with a sound sleep.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/KRW 77,000
  • Body Reshape
    A body-sculpting serum provides a slimming effect, while firming cream and an oxygenating marine mask leave skin smooth and elastic.
    • Стоимость: 90 minutes/KRW 297,000

General Services

  • AWAY Ritual
    This thoroughly revitalizing body and facial program balance the skin’s moisture and oil, providing a perfect restful state for your entire body.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 385,000
  • AWAY Relax
    This total body and facial program includes a body scrub, stone body therapy with relaxing and balancing effects, a body wrap that provides ample nutrition to your skin, and a highly moisturizing facial mask.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 385,000
  • AWAY Refresher
    This treatment revitalizes mind and body and leaves skin radiant with green tea, sea buckthorn extract, and minerals from the glacial water of the Alps.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 385,000
  • AWAY Detox
    Skin is left smooth and moisturized by a body scrub, body aroma therapy using ginger and lemon essential oils, and marine mineral facial care.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 385,000

Massage Services

  • Oriental Ginseng
    Help balance and comfort your body with ginseng and Asian ingredients.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 187,000; 90 minutes/KRW 264,000
  • Cellular Firming
    Skin is left smooth and elastic by highly enriched ampoules containing botanical caffeine, Uncaria extract and skin-tightening cream.
  • AWAY Touch
    With organic essential oils extracted from plants, this body therapy relieves tension and provides comfort.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 176,000; 90 minutes/KRW 242,000
  • Calm Mind
    Warm and comfort your body with sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli essential oils.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 187,000; 90 minutes/KRW 264,000
  • Mother-to-Be
    This treatment helps metabolism and circulation, and relieves stress and fatigue from physical changes during pregnancy.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 176,000; 90 minutes/KRW 242,000
  • Hydrating Duo
    Organic calendula essential oil and a collagen facial mask keep skin smooth and moisturized.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 220,000; 90 minutes/KRW 297,000
  • Aroma Stone
    Aromatic essential oil and stone therapy relieve tension and provide comfort.
    • Стоимость: 90 minutes/KRW 264,000
  • Polynesia Haven
    Skin is revitalized by coconut extract, monoi oil containing nourishment of tiare, and a bowler full of soil energy.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 187,000; 90 minutes/KRW 264,000

Skin Care Services

  • Collagen Smoothing
    This treatment with collagen recovers the freshness and moisture of tired skin.
    • Стоимость: 90 minutes/KRW 275,000
  • Express Facial (Add-On)
    Musk rose extract and natural mineral water will provide moisture and vitality to your skin.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/KRW 110,000
  • Express Body (Add-On)
    This treatment relieves body tension and provides comfort.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/KRW 110,000
  • O2 Infusion
    The O2 Infusion recovers freshness and vitality by effectively supplying oxygen to dull, fatigued skin.
    • Стоимость: 70 minutes/KRW 209,000
  • Whiter Than Snow
    This treatment will make your skin tone bright and fresh with antioxidant ingredients and a regenerating collagen mask.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 528,000
  • Wrinkle Filler
    Elasticity and volume are provided by a filler mask highly enriched with moisture and nourishment.
    • Стоимость: 70 minutes/KRW 242,000
  • Uplift
    This volumizing treatment enhances skin’s moisture and elasticity.
    • Стоимость: 90 minutes/KRW 308,000
  • Skin Renewal
    This treatment improves complexion and elasticity by charging your skin with rich nourishment, moisture, and energy.
    • Стоимость: 70 minutes/KRW 253,000
  • AWAY Facial
    Skin is purified, moisturized, and balanced by spirulina algae and plant extract ingredients that are rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/KRW 176,000
  • Skin Brightening
    Vitamins, daisy, and licorice extract purify skin tone and add vitality.
    • Стоимость: 70 minutes/KRW 209,000
  • Pure White
    This treatment provides a clear skin tone and healthy texture by restoring vitality and freshness.
    • Стоимость: 70 minutes/KRW 220,000
  • Age Repair
    Skin is left healthy and shiny with seaweed ingredients that provide ample nourishment to relieve the aging process.
    • Стоимость: 90 minutes/KRW 374,000
  • Eye Power Napping (Add-On)
    Skin is rebalanced by the power-napping program of inPulser, which allows you to rest and recharge from a short nap and an eye collagen treatment.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/KRW 143,000

Spa Packages

  • With Me I: Aroma Reviver
    This treatment includes a Ying + Yang Milk Bath, as well as Aromatic Bliss or Intensive Repair.
    • Стоимость: 90 minutes/KRW 495,000
  • Wellbeing Life (Hotel Guests Only)
    This package includes a body analysis and consultation, yoga personal training at FIT®, a Marine Body Scrub, a Citrus Detox, a Radiance Facial, and one hour of Tonic Meal.
    • Стоимость: 270 minutes/KRW 583,000
  • Indulgence of AWAY
    This package includes Vanilla Vichy, Fit & Tone, Face Up, a Hand & Foot Retreat, and one hour of Tonic Meal.
    • Стоимость: 300 minutes/KRW 858,000
  • With Me III: Tropical Relaxer
    This treatment includes a Ying + Yang Milk Bath, a Coconut Hot Shell, and a Super Active Facial.
    • Стоимость: 150 minutes/KRW 847,000
  • With Me II: Oriental Harmony
    This treatment includes a Ying + Yang Milk Bath, a Ginseng Oil Infusion, and a Ginseng Facial.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 649,000


  • Korean
    Skin is vitalized with a scrub, body therapy, and facial care using Korean red ginseng and 15 varieties of oriental ingredients.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 385,000
  • Indian
    This Shirodhara treatment starts with body therapy, then applies warm oil to the center of the forehead, which is also known as the third eye, to naturally flow down and comfort body and spirit.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 385,000
  • Polynesian
    This scrub, bath, and body therapy provides vitality and relaxation for your mind and body through coconut extract, vanilla, and monoi oil containing the nutritional contents of tiare.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/KRW 385,000