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  • You can only book 550 days in advance.
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SpaWhisk Me Away / Spa Reception

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Away Spa - Single Treatment Room

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AWAY Spa Suite

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AWAY Spa Salon

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AWAY Spa - Chill Bar

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De-stress like never before at AWAY® Spa, where you can turn off the world and emerge rejuvenated, revitalized and back in the game. Let’s face it, your skin needs some love, and true relaxation is more than skin deep. From full body timeouts to sensational treatments to surprise your spirit, we’ll whisk you AWAY from it all whenever you need it—we are open 24 hours daily to keep you feeling and looking your best always.

With an extravagant spread of indoor treatment areas for total privacy and complete renewal, an extraordinary vibe welcomes you to explore sensory delights set against vivid colors, playful scents, imaginative sounds, energizing light and detoxifying potions. Discover a gorgeous array of spaces, each highlighting local architectural details and design, as you succumb to natural healing therapies sensationally performed by superstar therapists. The spa comprises three single treatment rooms with meditation platforms, two double treatment rooms with vitality baths, two spa suites with wet and dry treatment areas, a facial room, a hair salon and a mani-pedi lounge.

Choose your treatment from three scrumptious menus—whether you’re feeling Serene & Soulful, Glamour & Glitz or Fit & Fabulous. Go undercover and explore our menu of rare and exotic Balinese treatments. Take home bare essentials and accessories so you can look your best while feeling your best.

Before and after your appointment, kick back in the separate male and female changing rooms with hot stone bath and a cold jet set vitality pool. A chill bar and decompression (detox/oxygen) lounge redefine escaping the limelight, even as you sport a post-treatment megawatt smile. Or let us style you up in the hair salon.

Reservations at least 24 hours in advance are required. Cancellations, no-shows and latecomers must give the spa at least 24 hours’ notice, or a penalty will be charged.

  • Hours of operation:
24 hours

Sophisticated and Luxurious
AWAY® Spa's products are custom made for the spa
Special Facilities:
3 Single Treatment Rooms, Double Treatment Rooms, 2 Spa Suites, Beauty Room, Hair Salon, Oxygen Room
Spa Dining:
Light Snacks and Drinks at Chill Bar
Highly Recommended

Body Treatments

AWAY® Body Treat: Raw Energy
Imagine soaking in a chilled lime margarita with salt on the rim—it's almost like you are. We'd toast this refreshing thought.
  • 150 minutes/2,100,000 IDR
Tight & Toned
Using Oxy Active technology, this three-step Thalgo innovation combats cellulite, deep fat, and loss of firmness. A cleansing body scrub remineralizes and effectively exfoliates skin.
  • 120 minutes/2,300,000 IDR
Take a Break
This detoxifying treatment helps to eliminate toxins from your body, boost your circulation, and improve your immune system and overall health.
  • 150 minutes/2,300,000 IDR
Cool As Ice
Escape away to this treatment when you are done basking, bathing and surfing under the Bali sun to cool down the heat.
  • 60 minutes/1,450,000 IDR
Goddess Glow
Live the life of a princess and have the body of a goddess. Balinese secrets for mesmerizing beauty are built into this treatment.
  • 180 minutes/2,600,000 IDR
Body Honey
Rich in moisturizing properties and antioxidants, this yummy treatment is everyone’s sweetest desire.
  • 150 minutes/2,300,000 IDR
Dazzling Velvet
Influenced by ancestral Eastern traditions, this treatment commences with an Indoceane sweet savory body scrub to renew skin and invigorate the body. Tension and stress melt away with an Ayurvedic-inspired massage that uses warm oils.
  • 120 minutes/2,500,000 IDR
Top Performance
Make a pit stop from your sea sports, explorations and island indulgences to recharge, replenish and refuel—we’ll get your energy level back up to where it belongs.
  • 180 minutes/2,600,000 IDR

Hands & Feet

AWAY® Red Carpet Pedicure
Our signature perfect pedi is designed to decompress and impress. Once we’ve soaked, buffed and scrubbed, we’ll give your soles a mini-massage before trimming, clipping, filing and polishing. Happy feet—what a treat.
  • 75 minutes/550,000 IDR
AWAY® Red Carpet Manicure
Welcome to the best manicure in town, hands down. Hands up if you want a soak, scrub and massage that we are completely hands on about. In this miraculous mani, your nails are topped with polish or left pristinely bare.
  • 60 minutes/500,000 IDR

Massage Services

Well-Healed Massage
You haven’t experienced Bali until you’ve had a Balinese massage. Using various traditional healing techniques—such as acupressure, stretching, and medium-strength palm and thumb pressure—muscle tension is relieved and circulation improved.
  • 60 minutes/1,000,000 IDR; 90 minutes/1,300,000 IDR
AWAY Massage: Morning After Energizing Massage
This signature massage is designed for guests who wish to detox from a long, playful night out or to refuel for what’s next.
  • 90 minutes/1,300,000 IDR
Scent Alchemist Aromatherapy Massage
Our spa mixologists will blend the perfect potion of oils, intuitively chosen by you to suit your treatment needs, and apply the latest massage techniques to soothe you from head to toe.
  • 60 minutes/1,000,000 IDR; 90 minutes/1,300,000 IDR
Deep Heat
There’s no time for down time in paradise. This tried-and-true Balinese repair is for the active man in need of a good massage to remove aches and pains.
  • 90 minutes/1,500,000 IDR
Flex Arts Stretching Massage
An ultimate sensory experience executed fully clothed.
  • 60 minutes/800,000 IDR; 90 minutes/1,000,000 IDR
Relax Those Limbs
A quick fix for those always on the run. A hand-and-foot massage does the trick.
  • 30 minutes/450,000 IDR; 60 minutes/800,000 IDR
Body Bliss Relaxing Massage
Stimulate your life-force energy with this relaxing treatment featuring circular strokes along the spine and long, full-handed strokes over the long bones. Your nervous system is stimulated while muscular tension is released.
  • 60 minutes/1,000,000 IDR; 90 minutes/1,300,000 IDR
Zen Balancing
This one-of-a-kind martial arts-inspired treatment and workout utilizes bamboo’s unique elements of strength and flexibility.
  • 60 minutes/1,000,000 IDR; 90 minutes/1,300,000 IDR

Salon Services

Men’s Haircare
This nourishing treatment ensures smooth hair and a healthy scalp.
  • 30 minutes/400,000 IDR
Scalp Treat
Rubbed deep through layers of hair, nourishing hair oil strengthens the roots and replenishes moisture to lackluster or damaged hair.
  • 60 minutes/600,000 IDR
Tangle Free
If you’re having a bad hair day, unravel your tangled locks with a creamy and soothing coconut and tangerine hair conditioner. Then, kick back and enjoy a scalp massage.
  • 60 minutes/600,000 IDR

Skin Care Services

Absolute Hydrate
Intensive hydration, freshness, and radiance are guaranteed by SÈVE MARINE® extracted from Blidingia minima. This complex repairs the skin barrier in order to restore and maintain optimum moisture levels.
  • 60 minutes/1,400,000 IDR
On the Run Pure Express Boost Facial
Girls on the go still need to cleanse, freshen and replenish. Enjoy a detailed pure facial and leave time to add a massage and glam up.
  • 30 minutes/850,000 IDR
AWAY® Facial: Prime Time
Whether it’s time to hydrate and rebound, or soothe and wind down, our signature facial is designed with your skin’s unique tone in mind, catering to wrinkles with “ironing” to increases the elasticity and resiliency of the skin.
  • 90 minutes/1,800,000 IDR
Sun-Kissed Facial
Let the sun be the first to touch your cheeks at sunrise and the last to kiss you at sunset.
  • 60 minutes/1,400,000 IDR
Clear As Crystal
Polish your skin like a crystal with the powerfull purifying properties of Thalgodermyl Extracts, infused in an alginate mask. This treatment is deeply rebalancing and cleanses the skin. Make heads turn with a superstar clear as crystal complexion.
  • 60 minutes/1,400,000 IDR
Bright Eyes
For eyes that are bright are like stars at night. With Caffein Macropatch & Actiflow® Continuous 24-hour action reduces puffiness and dark circles,
  • 60 minutes/1,400,000 IDR
Man Up (Men's Facial)
Surrender to this facial that features anti-aging, deep cleansing and energizing. Relaxed and recharged, your skin regains all its energy and balance and signs of tiredness are erased.
  • 60 minutes/1,400,000 IDR


Wushu Breathing and Stretching Exercise
Using techniques from Chinese wushu (martial arts), a series of sweeping, twisting and stretching of your limbs warms up the body and opens channels so chi energy can flow easily.
Clear Head
A simple breathing exercise and meditation balance vibrant energy and promote feelings of calm and relaxation.
Warrior Floor Exercise
Inspired by silat, a traditional Indonesian martial art, this exercise promotes agility in movement, increases flexibility and stimulates healthy blood circulation so that you are warmed up, awake and ready to get started.