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Spa Duo Delight Treatment Room

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AWAY Spa - Lobby

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AWAY Spa Duo Delight Treatment Room

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AWAY Spa - Refuel

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AWAY Spa Lounge

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AWAY Spa - Bathroom

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Spa - Rain Shower

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Spa - Rain Shower

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Spa - Rain Shower

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Spa - Tiles Skylight

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Spa - Tiles

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Spa - Details

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Spa - Details

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Spa - Door Handles

Escape to our serene AWAY Spa, where relaxing rainforest-like surroundings feature wooden sculptures and soothing natural surfaces. Unwind in the Detox changing area, where electronic lockers keep personal items safe. Then head to the decompression area, home to a sauna, steam room and vitality pool with body jets. Immerge, an herbal bath; Aqua, an experiential shower; and famous Vichy showers add to the revitalizing experience.

Settle into your private 112-square-meter treatment room or resonance room and select from our innovative array of massages, facials, body and beauty treatments, manicures and pedicures, waxing and more performed with exclusive ILA-Spa products or OPI nail products.

Finally, outdoor spear lounge chairs with vibration capabilities and a built-in sound system invite you to prepare for the night ahead while sampling a revitalizing spa beverage and snack.

    • Horário de funcionamento:
  • Das 10h00 às 22h00
  • Das 10h00 às 22h00
  • Das 10h00 às 22h00
  • Das 10h00 às 22h00
  • Das 10h00 às 22h00
  • Das 10h00 às 22h00
  • Das 10h00 às 22h00
Relaxing Rainforest
Instalações especiais:
Resonance Room and Outdoor Spear Lounge Chairs
Restaurante de spa:
Hot and Cold Beverages, Spa Cocktails, Beer and Snacks
Ligue para o spa.:
(65) 6808 7290

Body Treatments

AWAY Body Treat Spa Package
This full-body timeout starts with an exfoliating scrub, followed by a cocoon designed to rebound your body. We’ll wind you down with an invigorating massage that refuels your skin, enlivens your mood and surprises your spirit.
  • 120 minutes/380 USD
Coast to Coast Spa Package
This treatment is excellent for reducing cellulite and improving the skin’s texture and hydration. A full-body renewal is enhanced by a indulgent seaweed wrap.
  • 60 minutes/150 SGD
Flawless Spa Package
Using minerals and vitamins found in clay and fresh pineapple or cucumber mousse, a detoxifying body mask smoothes and tightens skin. Ivy, menthol and camphor activate and strengthen body tissues with nutrients supplied by cold-pressed avocado oil.
  • 90 minutes/185 SGD

Hands & Feet

AWAY Manicure
With a soak, scrub and massage, we’re completely hands-on with this miraculous manicure. Nails are topped with polish or left bare. Reconnect with a Spa Rituals soothing and hydrating organic hand treat.
  • 90 minutes/150 SGD
AWAY Pedicure
Once soaked, buffed and scrubbed, your soles get a mini-massage. Then we’ll trim, clip, file and polish. Boasting the aromatherapeutic properties of Egyptian geraniums, a Spa Rituals foot treat is enhanced with a full healing foot ritual.
  • 90 minutes/150 SGD

Massage Services

AWAY Massage
Detox from a night out or to refuel for whatever comes next. Our spa mixologist will blend the perfect potion of oils to suit your treatment needs and apply the latest massage techniques to soothe you from head to toe.
  • 90 minutes/250 SGD

Skin Care Services

AWAY Facial
Whether it’s time to hydrate, soothe or wind down, our signature facial is designed with your skin’s unique elements in mind. A luscious blend of marine bio plasma and pure collagen is nourishes and boosts moisture levels.
  • 90 minutes/220 SGD

Spa Packages

Find My Rhythm Spa Package
This powerful treatment aims to restore the body’s natural biorhythms. An ionizing energy scrub and mud wrap charge and renew your biomagnetic energy field by emitting healing negative ions, then a deep-tissue massage soothes aching, tired muscles.
  • 120 minutes/380 SGD