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De-stress like never before at AWAY® Spa, where you can slink into an insider scene of surprising sensations in three treatment rooms (two singles and one couple-sized with Jacuzzi) with rainforest showers, mani-pedi lounge, sauna and steam room, and emerge rejuvenated, revitalized and back in the game. Let's face it, your skin needs some love, and true relaxation is more than skin deep. From full body time-outs to out-of-this-world treatments to surprise your spirit, we'll whisk you AWAY from it all.

When it's time to relax in the city, lose yourself in pure therapeutic perfection from our extravagant menu of facials, massages and foot reflexology—we've got your entire body covered in total privacy for complete renewal. An extraordinary vibe welcomes you to explore sensory delights set against vivid hues of white with three-dimensional bubble motifs, playful scents, imaginative sounds and energizing light. Chill out on half-round treatment beds lit with blue LED lights below. Discover eco-friendly detoxifying potions selected just so you can peacefully succumb to natural healing therapies expertly performed by superstar therapists—Vitaman from Australia for the gents in our marquee De-Stressing Facial, De-Stressing Back and Sportmen's Treatments, and Rodial from the United Kingdom for the ladies featured in our headlining A-List Facial, Total Body Makeover and Body Treatments. Soothing herbal tea is served so you're always floating in a sea of calm.

Before and after your appointment, kick back in the separate male and female changing rooms as you sport a post-treatment mega-watt smile. And you'll find that our pausing and rewinding philosophy is just a way of life.

Detox: Wind down and get set for whatever comes next.

Refuel: Tempt the senses and enliven the soul. It’s time to recharge and reactivate. Whether the plan is to flirt, play, mix or mingle, AWAY Spa gets you ready for wherever the day or night will take you.

Take home bare essentials by Vitaman, OPI and Rodial so you can look your best while feeling your best any day.

Reservations are necessary with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Cancelations, no-shows and latecomers must give the spa 24 hours notice, or a penalty will be charged.

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Last appointment at 8:30 PM, or via special arrangement.
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Sophisticated and Luxurious
Rodial, Vitaman, OPI
Strutture speciali:
Three Treatment Rooms, Sauna, Steam Room, Change Rooms
Ristorazione spa:
Herbal Tea
Chiamare la spa:
(886) 7703 8888
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Body Treatments

Designer Detox
Exclusive to W Taipei, this lavish body detox scrub and hydration treatment delves deep into your skin and is personalized to your skin's needs to cleanse, purify and redefine as best suits you. 90 minutes
AWAY® Body Treatment
Beginning with a scrub to exfoliate the skin, we'll then wrap you in a cocoon to rebound your body, before winding down with an invigorating massage. This full treatment that refuels the skin, enlivens the mood and surprises the spirit.
Tummy Tuck
Be prolific with a flatter, smoother silhouette in this firming wrap featuring Rodial's contouring bandages and patented formula for a firmer, smoother, and toned tummy.
Less is more in this ultimate body slimming experience featuring a stimulating cellulite-busting scrub and slimming wrap, combined with a detoxifying massage, so the real you can shine.

Hands & Feet

Foot Fandango
Let us sweep you off your feet and treat them to some much needed TLC to soothe the soles—add on the AWAY® Pedicure for truly happy feet. 30 minutes
AWAY® Pedicure
Our perfect signature pedi is designed to decompress and impress. Once soaked, buffed and scrubbed, we'll trim, clip, file and polish. Happy feet. What a treat.
Hand Crafted
Everything you love about the AWAY® Manicure, as a work of art. Indulge in fingernail painting by our talented nail technicians who will bedazzle them with flair—choose from our designs or customize your own. 30 minutes
Toe-Days Special
Get your day on the right foot with this ultimate foot care extravaganza designed exclusively for gents who appreciate the finer digits and details in life! Footnote: Your feet will be dancing with delight! 30 minutes
Man-Handled with Care
Just hand it to us—because your hands deserve some serious R&R, we've come to resuscitate and invigorate hands and nails for the discerning man. Add on the AWAY® Manicure for a truly hands-down experience. 30 minutes

Massage Services

Body Refuel
Ever wondered how elite athletes bounce back and go for gold again and again? You'll find out in this integrative sports therapy massage focused on enhancing sports performance by improving your physical capabilities through therapeutic support.
In The Zone
Time out. The game plan is to have you experience the delights of finally shedding all the stress from your mind and body in this massage focusing on your choice of your head, neck, shoulder and/or foot. Reactivate to the vibrant, energetic you!
Body Active
It's like soul food for sore and tired muscles as we firmly soothe and relax, easing aches and pains to reactivate your body back into shape from scalp to feet, featuring Vitaman products. 60/90 minutes
AWAY® Massage
Designed for those who wish to detox from a long, playful night out or to refresh for whatever comes next, our spa mixologists blend the perfect potion of oils and apply the latest massage techniques to soothe you from head to twinkly toes.
Sunday Chillout Session
Make everyday feel like Sunday whenever you select this totally re-energizing treatment featuring the Vitaman Relaxing Body & Scalp Massage, transporting both mind and body to your own personal tranquility space where there's no room for stress.
After that sweat-busting, heart-pumping, calorie-burning workout, you've earned the Decompress—a post-training cool-down featuring massages and stretches to prevent soreness and aches, as well as to aid in recovery. 30 minutes

Skin Care Services

AWAY® Facials
Face it. Your skin needs some love. Whether it’s time to hydrate and rebound or to soothe and wind down, our signature facial is designed with your skin’s unique tone in mind. Tell us what your skin needs or let us do the talking, whatever you wish.
Glamtox Acid Brightener Facial
Instant skin illumination is possible in this specialized brightening facial using Rodial's extreme acid mask with a blend of four renowned skin-illuminating actives to increase clarity and help reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation.
Vitaman Stress Defense Facial
Don't let stress hamper your expression! In this de-stressing facial and intensive scalp massage, we'll ease away all tension and fatigue and put vitality and energy back in your complexion so you can truly be yourself. 60 minutes
A-List Facial Express
Everything your face needs, quick, so you don't have to miss out on an action-packed instant life treatment of glamtox peel to brighten and firm the skin, while pepstide-packed glamtox moisturizer plumps fine lines and wrinkles.
Vitaman Face Espresso
We'll help you put your best face forward. Using the very best natural and organic ingredients from Australia, we bring brightness and essence back to the face, and relax your shoulders and neck with a soothing massage. 30 minutes
A-List Facial
A top-of-the-class full facial workout that is a glamorous alternative to injectables, featuring our signature Rodial massage techniques to lift, firm and energize tired-looking skin.
A-List Brightener Express
In this Glamtox Acid Brightener Facial quickie, technical massage movements and peptide cleansing agents lift and plump the skin, improving skin clarity and tone to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation.
Snake Venom Facial for Men
Freeze time and unlock younger skin when we energize and firm your complexion to iron out expression lines and fill out the wrinkles.
Bust Express
If it's cleavage or bust, we can get it done ASAP in this firming, plumping and smoothing treatment for the perfect decolletage. Hot and cold compress and lifting techniques combine with Rodial's patented boob job for the ultimate bust makeover.

Spa Packages

Taipei Face & Bust Lift
This exclusive Rodial bust treatment lifts, firms, plumps up the skin and decollates so you are absolutely radiant wherever you glow, especially after we finish with the glamtox A-List Facial.
Check your body in and check your mind out. First, the Scalp Heaven, then settle into a red wine-infused skin masque with an amazing anti-oxidant blast as part of the Super Hair & Skin Nourishment, exclusively designed for the male connoisseur.
His Moment Signature Face & Body
Life's short, so treat yourself to a long, lavish complete overhaul that will rearrange your senses, destress your body, and redefine the spa experience of a lifetime. 120 minutes
Quick Sprint
With a power combo of warm-up or cool-down, massage and stretches, we'll help fast forward you to your workout so you can hit the ground running, or recover after your workout without breaking a sweat.
The Ultimate Extreme Makeover
There's no way you can get The Ultimate Extreme Makeover at any other AWAY® Spa in the world. In this exclusive treat, feel 10 years younger in this complete body and face makeover.