Unveil unknown interests with Wish Workshops(SM), educational asides that offer a welcome respite from the workday and give your attendees the opportunity to explore their creativity before getting back to the business at hand. Of course our meeting specialists are thrilled to customize a Wish Workshop especially for your group. Just ask.

w shorts

  • popcorn and assorted candies on table
  • soft pretzels and nachos & cheese
  • retro games
  • retro sodas and water

a selection of one of the following short films (10-15min)

  • best of 80’s animated cartoons
  • sundance Film Festival selection
  • outfest Film Festival selection
  • $40 per person

w poolside inspiration of color

  • sliced fresh fruit and berries
  • imported and domestic cheeses
  • retro sodas and water
  • art books featuring Vincent Van Gogh
  • water color interpretation of your meeting activity (framed artwork to take home at end of day)

$40 per person

w tai chi

  • personal tai chi instructor to help develop a healthy body as well as an alert mind
  • Smart Water
  • wheat grass shots
  • organic juices
  • seasonal fresh veggies with garlic herb onion dip
  • sliced fresh fruit and berries

$50 per person