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Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 514 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Beware of added parking fees! Interesting decor- kinda night clubish, esp. in regard to the lighting- low throughout. Nice comfortable bedding. A worker was loud in hallwall at one point, even knocked on our door (reason unknown) yelled sorry and moved on? High rate- not really that special to merit in our opinion. One very irritating issue: attached parking is public and costs $23. a night! Not included and not clearly stated. I've been to several other hotels that have such adjoining public parking which is offered complimentary to hotel guests. My initial compliant was not well received, yet a manager quickly offered to refund the cost which was appreciated. January 3, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Unimpressed I expected good things when booking at this W hotel, but was not impressed. Parking was expensive. Trendy nightclub like lighting and techno music in the lobby might be for some, but not all. Room and bathroom quality were not up to par for a hotel of this reputation. August 6, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Creepy Bathroom Locale and Set up There was one factor which stood out for me the entire time I stayed at your hotel. As it got later, the location and set up of the bathroom near the bar set unsafe and almost scary. The location is off the beaten path, no one can view me entering nor exiting and then there is an anteroom which has a couch, Why? if that's the protocol then at least take away that heavy door which would mitigate any sounds, just in case a woman is followed into the bathroom. I felt as if it wasn't safe to go to the restroom without an escort. This really needs to be addressed posthaste. Unless you would rather leave it as be and eventually have to react to a situation, rather than be Proactive and address it before it happens. June 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Customer Services William did a great job of accommodating my needs and it was a pleasure to do business with him. August 9, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great neighborhood - frustrating stay The hotel is in a great area of town. There are many restaurant options that are walkable and nearby. Unfortunately, when you experience a lot of little problems and inconveniences it just makes for an overall frustrating experience. Before arriving at the hotel I had read some reviews that mentioned that the Internet was extremely slow (dial-up slow). Knowing that I would have to be working while there, I emailed the hotel to ask if the Internet problem had been addressed. The IT manager wrote back to let me know that there were some problems but they have been addressed and now the free limited internet was faster and if you paid the daily fee, the higher speed was about 2MB. Upon my arrival at the hotel, the driveway had cars backed up on the street to valet park. Luckily there is a mall connected to the hotel and there is a self pack right there off the W Hotel driveway. Avoiding the lines and drama I opted to self park! The front desk staff were pleasant and friendly. I went up to my room and noticed immediately upon walking into the room that there was a small hole (paper punch size) right in the middle of the top bedspread. As I went to put some clothes in the drawer the second drawer was broken and when I pulled it out it fell right to the floor. By now my computer had booted up and I connected the wired line to the computer and….nothing. The IT manager did make it a point to call my room to make sure I was connected so I let him know that I wasn’t. They sent a staff member up and pulled the desk away from the wall and found out the cable wasn’t connected. They returned with a new one and then I was up and running. Unfortunately, the connection at this hotel wanted to keep putting everything in a frame and none of the web pages I accessed worked correctly, the connection was slow and it kept timing out (this was the PAID connection speed). I couldn’t connect to my office VPN or any secured web pages through that connection. At one point I also had my phone using wireless but decided NOT to use it because it was faster and more reliable getting a 3G connection. After walking around the area I went to my room and wanted to use the shower but I could not get any hot water. I turned it all the way to HOT and left it running about 10 minutes and still it was ice cold. Another call to the front desk and they sent up an engineer who pointed out that I shouldn’t pay attention to the HOT/COLD label on the shower control. HOT was actually just below center on the COLD side. Moving it up or down from that point would make the temperature cooler. I really wanted to like the hotel because it’s in a great part of town but it wasn’t the best experience. If you don’t need to park or don’t need the Internet you will probably enjoy this hotel a better than I did. April 30, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Too Noisy to Sleep Walls in room must be very thin. Stayed on Fri/Sat night. Big mistake. Had to call front desk both nights due to excessive noise. One night it was from the TV in adjoining room & the other night it was from a party upstairs. Also, lots of problems with key cards not working & it took over 30 minutes to get into the pool Sat morning. Two trips to front desk to change my key card..not the problem..another with security..finally operations director was able to access entry. Big Hassle. On the positive, the staff was very helpful and friendly and the Bliss spa was nice. The front desk generously extended our late check out to 3:00. June 3, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good stay The W Atlanta Midtown was a nice experience. We stayed in a room which, honestly, was just an "okay" room. There were just a few small cosmetic details that needed to be tended to including the scuff on the desk and I'm not really sure if the top and last drawer were supposed to have pull handles on them or not but they were "missing". There was also an obvious patchwork place on the wall. Also, there was lime on the shower head. On a positive note, the bed and pillows were amazingly comfortable. And the staff put the "W" in wonderful. From the front desk and concierge to the bartenders in the lounge, everyone was exceptional. January 15, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Outstanding Stay Despite Minor Inconveniences According to the “Guest Services” section on the W Hotels page of the Starwood website, the first section states, “Anything you need...[a]t W hotels, it’s always whatever you want, whenever you want it.” This approach to service and hospitality has manifested into a team of Talent that has far exceeded my expectations, resulting in a romantic, enjoyable and memorable New Year's week-long vacation. Before placing the reservation, I was hesitant to book because of unfavorable reviews. I wanted to stay in Midtown and know there are numerous hotels; however, I decided to book because of the positive feedback posted to guests’ negative reviews on Trip Advisor. I am happy with my decision and will stay again the next time I have an interview scheduled since I am preparing to relocate. A few minor issues (that were addressed promptly): 1. Noise from setting up an event on the 27th floor woke me up • Resolution: A call to Whatever/Whenever resulted in an offer to relocate me and a sincere apology 2. Reservation included a request for a coffee maker, but one was not in the room • Resolution: A call to Whatever/Whenever resulted in delivery of a coffee maker within 5 minutes 3. The safe door was open, but not unlocked • Resolution: A call to Whatever/Whenever resulted in a visit by a polite gentleman who unlocked the safe The Talent undoubtedly makes guests feel special, that they are not only staying in a hotel, but also receiving a level of professional, friendly and prompt service. I travel frequently and it is refreshing to interact with staff who have a great sense of humor and are not robotic. Every Talent member was fantastic and whether I have called or met them face‐to­‐face, I have walked away smiling and laughing. Candice When I called to inquire about an upgrade, she assured me she would do all that she could to accommodate my request. She followed up with me numerous times and I discovered later that she had communicated to your team my request for an upgrade. Suite 2403 is stunning. When close friends came to visit, I called a few times with requests (like lime juice) and Candice could not have been any more cheerful or accommodating.  Mary The day I called to verify if a suite was available, Mary called me. She apologized for the minor issues, acknowledged that she knew this was a special trip and wanted me to enjoy the rest of my stay. Her call was unexpected, but top notch. Vanessa I think Vanessa’s real name is “Bundle of Joy and Spunk” because she exudes so much positive energy. The current Oxford dictionary has her photo for the word “Joy”. From phone calls to meeting me at my room because my key cards were deactivated, she went the extra mile to take care of me. Vanessa and Katie When I viewed my folio on the TV, I noticed a difference in room rates. Vanessa handled the initial call and advised me she would be happy to resolve the issue once I emailed my reservation. I then received a call from Katie who explained in detail the reason for the difference and offered me a resolution that I just could not pass up. I was smiling so much during the call that my cheeks began to hurt. Garett and Katie When I went downstairs to have my key cards reprogrammed, the well-­‐mannered Garett greeted me with a warm smile and asked to excuse himself while he went into the office. I thought something bad happened, but then he came back out to introduce me to Katie, whose positive energy makes her Vanessa’s twin. Katie genuinely asked about what brought me to Atlanta, learned about my job interview and was easy to converse with. Unknown Awesome Talent As I was leaving for dinner with a friend, I heard a knock on the door and was surprised it was an indulgent, healthy amenity with a personalized and handwritten card wishing me luck on my interview. The gesture and card almost made me shed a tear until my friend punched me. Sparkles When I asked for lime juice, Sparkles was exactly full of sparkles. She was so cheerful to deliver lime juice. Lime juice does not make me smile that much, but Sparkles greeted me with a smile that looked like she had won the lottery. The Talent listed above have a solid grasp on hospitality and I cannot thank them enough. Execution is not flawless, but when given a chance to resolve issues, this W delivers. January 17, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by NEEDS IMPROVEMENT I spent several days at the W-Midtown and was not very impressed. First thing that came to mind was the Valet Parking, I think $32.00 a day is too much for guest especially SPG members. Secondly, the room service was inadequate. The first day the room was in order, the next 2 days, I had to request more towels and it did not appear that the bathrooms had been properly cleaned. In addition, I had to wait until 8PM to get my room clean one night which is unacceptable. The pool was way to small and the food and non-alcoholic drink menue could use a bit more variety. Ice Tea, Fuit Punch, Lemonade something tropical. Just saying not everyone drinks alcohol. The one bright spot was William at the front desk who appeared to be a model employee July 7, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by nightmare This was the worst hotel experience in my 40 years of travel. it was a nightmare. I flew to Atlanta and arrived at the W at 8 p.m.; i was very ill with the flu and only wanted to relax and get some rest before an important client meeting the following morning. I put my clothes, computer and work cell in the room and walked out with my wallet to get a cup of tea at the spice market and read business papers. I returned to my room and found that the electronic lock did not work. I called for help and in 10 minutes someone arrived with new keys--they didn't work either; then, 20 min later an engineer arrived and could also not make it work. I was told security would be sent up shortly to force the lock open. I waited in the hallway, feeling faint from my illness, and had to call the front desk 3 times to find out where security was only to hear. "they will be there shortly." By now, it had been an hour since I had been standing in the hall waiting to get into my room with little to no communication from management. When security arrived at around 11 p.m. the manager gave me a guest room to sit in to wait while they commenced drilling. I was relieved until I looked out into the hall from where I was waiting only to find no one there, the lock still not working. No one had bothered to come by and give me an update. I had to go down to the lobby to inquire what was happening; I was told they had to stop "due to noise complaints." They did not bother to offer a recommendation for what they would do for me in the meantime. I reminded them I needed my medication and to get some sleep immediately; I demanded that they continue to drill and get the door open. It was like talking to cardboard people with no emotion. It was now around midnight and i asked to speak with the general manager to complain; I was told no, he was sleeping and wouldn't do anything different anyway. they stressed that I would not be getting in my room until the following morning and that I may as well just go to bed in the room they gave me. I told them again i had no supplies and I was sick and had no way to get what I needed. they at least offered to run out to the CVS and get essential items. i gave them a list and they returned with the OTC meds and gave me a toothbrush. While they were gone, I realized I needed a couple of more items but since I didn't have a way to contact them, they had to return to CVS. They were not happy about this but they did go back and around 1 a.m. they brought them to the new guest room but with a bit of an attitude, like I was really being unreasonable. I was promised by the night manager that a locksmith would arrive at 7 a.m. and I would definitely make my meeting. The new room I was given to sleep in was near the elevators and I could hear the elevator cars go up and down all night which kept me awake. The following morning I got up at 7 a.m. hoping to find the drilling commencing only to find no one working on the door lock. I called the daytime manager and reminded him that i had a 9 a.m. client meeting that I had flown into town for and I couldn't miss it. He was at least conciliatory and offered to send breakfast up to me while we waiting for the engineer. I thanked him. It took the hotel until 8 a.m. to send a new engineer up to investigate the door. This engineer arrived but had not been briefed on the situation and said, "I understand you can't get in your room, I've brought new keys." I informed him he was to be drilling, not using card keys. Once he understood my predicament, he was the first person to take my complaint seriously and acted with urgency. Within 5 minutes he had security there with the same drill they had used the night before and within 15 min he had the door open. By now I only had about 35 min left to pack, get ready for and arrive at my client meeting. I was tired from not sleeping the night before and still quite ill--no thanks to the management of the hotel. In addition to the minor purchases they brought me from CVS after midnight, the daytime manager comped my room and my breakfast and arranged for a car to drop me off at my appointment. He was at least a little more helpful than the night team. While I would normally have accepted what he offered me graciously, it didn't begin to compensate me for my lost sleep, my discomfort, the wooden attitude of the staff, and their lack of urgency or even procedures over the problem. It could have all been resolved it they had just kept drilling the lock for ten more minutes the night before and let me get into my room. Suggestions for improvement (not that I'll be back): * Have a locksmith available 24/7 * Train all staff to show empathy instead of talking to customers as though reading from a script. The woman who brought me my breakfast in the morning at least acknowledged she knew about my situation and offered what appeared to be a sincere apology. * Act with a sense of urgency when a customer has an issue * They should have explained to guests who were complaining about the drilling: "we apologize for the inconvenience. I'm sure if you couldn't get in your room, you would want us to resolve it immediately. this will only take 10 more minutes." I would have been impressed with that, but no, they favored other guests over the one with the emergency. * Don't lie to your customers and tell them one thing to "get them off your back" and then do another. The night manager had no intention of having a locksmith there at 7 a.m. yet that was what he told me. In fact he didn't even leave an appropriate message for the next shift or follow up to make sure things were progressing as expected--there was NO ownership of the issue. * Own the customer issue--take responsibility. December 7, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Impeccable Service, Rooms Need Updating As an SPG Gold/Platinum member since 2000, I always make it a point in being a guest at a W Hotel establishment when I travel. The impeccable staff and service at the W Hotel Atlanta Midtown went above and beyond expectations. The only issue I take regards the rather dated (and in some instances damaged) furnishings. This particular W Hotel seems to have the style and rooms from the early days of the W Hotel franchise. The new Downtown Atlanta location reflects the current W Hotel design style; sleek, modern design with the eco-conscious rooms in line with the European and newer NYC locations. Otherwise, my stay was great. August 1, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst Hotel Stay Ever! And I do mean ever, seeing as I work for a company who does nothing but help their member’s book and have the most relaxing stay possible. As a supervisor for a multimillion dollar Hotel Management Company I understand some people can exaggerate and have extremely high expectation but I really did expect something 100% times better than what I witnessed and received. We traveled from Florida to Atlanta a few months ago for my cousins wedding. We arrived at The W Midtown at about 12PM, are room was ready to be checked into and after a very early flight we were very great full! I was told their valet services was $20 a day which could be paid at the end of our stay and asked to sign a document regarding noise and was given my key and sent on my way. 1st bad experience is that a hold in the amount of $653 was placed on my credit card without any notice; I understand there is a hold (I’ve never heard of a hold for that large of an amount but that’s beside the point) but the least that could have been done is let me know a hold for that amount was going to be placed. After settling in, we came and went a few times to grab some lunch and run some errands before the wedding the next day, using the valet each time. On day 2, we left the property to grab some breakfast and get back so we can start getting ready. After we returned and used the valet service, my mother heard one of the valet attendants tell another not to give us service since we don’t tip and started laughing… Now let me stop there and explain. I travel ALOT. And when staying anywhere for more than 1 night, I’m not going to tip you ever single time you park my car. I ALWAYS leave a large enough tip for them to split between themselves on my check out, but regardless, I have never been more insulted in my life, besides the points that I am paying $20 a DAY for valet you would think we would get some slack for not giving you a tip every time we came and went. That would be $12-$30 in tip alone in 1 day on top of the $80 I am paying for the valet services at the end of my stay. After expressing my unhappiness with the front desk staff, they provided me with some vouchers for the Spice Market restaurant they housed upstairs, fine. We went up to start getting ready, my sister goes in to use the restroom and comes out of the bathroom with tears in her eyes holding her $500+ M.A.C, brushes (as well as our hair brushes tooth brushed, hair ties and eye liner) which were officially ruined due to yellowish water that was coming out of the sides of the sink, which seeped into her silk brush roll. When I went down to speak with the front desk, they offered to comp me 1 night of my stay and some more vouchers for the Spice Market restaurant, due to the incident which to me was not at all compensation enough for ruining over $500+ work of professional make up brushes and various other things, seeing as this is what my sister using to earn a living. But being that I needed to be at a wedding in a few hours, I did not have more time to argue with someone who just did not get it. The following day, we decided to do some shopping and grab a late dinner at the Spice Market so we could use the vouchers given to us. After coming back from shopping at about 8PM, we had to wait in line for about 30 minutes just to get someone to valet out car since The W also houses Whiskey Bar and they tend to allow the customers to valet their car with them. Once we got to the front of the line, another gentlemen cut up from the opposite site and proceeded to walk up to the valet and given them his keys and was advised the valet was closed, the man became upset and started walking back to his car and turned around and told the valet he was actually staying there and the valet supervisor told the one taking keys to just park his car, which then caused us to have to wait longer for someone to take our key. Great prioritizing, especially since they quickly realized this man was NOT staying with them. After getting cleaned up and going up to the Spice Market (which was fairly empty) we were asked by the hostess if we had a reservation, I told her no and that we were not aware one was needed, she then looked at the computer asked if we were staying at The W and what room, I advised yes and gave her my room number and she stated the wait was 30 minutes… okay, 30 minute wait for an empty restaurant, fine whatever, we waited the 30 minutes for them to clear one of the many empty tables. At which point a party of 6 or so came in advised they had a reservation and where not staying at The W and where walked right in, fantastic… after about 30 minutes, we were walked to a table in the middle of the place and told our waitress would be with us shortly. I am guess shortly at The W means 30 minutes or so since that’s about how long it took for someone to come along and take out drink orders. Then about 15 minutes for us to get those and 20 minutes later we were placing out order… by this time my husband is fuming, and for my husband to get upset it takes A LOT. After we place our orders, we are waiting about 20 minutes before our appetizers came out , which we did enjoy and even ordered some more, which came out fairly quick compared to the service we have received up until that point. So a few minutes after our last set of appetizers come out, they bring out our entrees, they give everyone their food except my sister so we are all sitting there staring at our food waiting for them to bring out hers which after 10 minutes does not come, so she tells us to please start eating which we do and finally, the waitress comes around to tell her “ oh we’re sorry but the meat used to make your burger, was used to make that person over there’s burger and we ran out of that meat. So we need you to choose something else” I’m sorry WHAT!?! After all this time has passed since she ordered you come out to tell her this NOW? After waiting for almost 45 minutes plus the amount of time we all had our food at the table? Unacceptable! At that point we were all so over it my sister told her never mind that she was no longer hungry. When we advised the front desk of the situation they simply apologized and asked if we wanted to experience Spice Market on another day, which we told them would not be necessary since that was our last night and Spice Market was an experience but not a good one. They then offered to compensate us with another night stay… mind you we even after all the vouchers we had for Spice Market still had to pay up a $226 bill which included over a 20% gratuity since there was more than 6 people in our party. (We had 8 vouchers which handled all alcoholic beverages and appetizers). Now here comes the fun part, during our check out, we were compensated for 2 nights… from 1 of our 2 rooms, but where still asked to pay for the valet who had already and continued to treat us poorly up until we checked out and drove away. How do you ask? Well, we called down for our car at about 10:15AM since we needed to be at the airport to return the car before 11:30AM and make our flight at 1PM… we called from our room before we even came down to check out… we waited until 11:30AM for them to bring our car around, which made us late to turn in our car which means we needed to pay for an additional fee for returning the car late… you know what the excuse was? Which by the way they did not inform us of until the car finally showed up… they needed to park the car in a backup garage since they were full from the night before. But the garage they had parked the car in locked their gate and they needed to wait until they opened to retrieve the car… really? Over an hour to retrieve my car? That honestly put the icing on the cake. But I can promise you this, when I travel to Atlanta in a few months, I will never ever stay at The W Atlanta Midtown. I will never again spend my money at any Starwood property again with the fear that something like this happens again and ruin another vacation. July 24, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by W Atlanta Midtown Perfect location in Atlanta with walking distance to many restaurants and museum. The hotel staff was excellent but the reservation was not correct .They checked us out a day early and we were locked out of elevator and room. Bed was great but the room very dark. The hotel is supposed to be non smoking yet the hallway smelled like someone had been smoking. July 31, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Long Term Stay The service at this hotel is what makes me return. I stay for 25+ nights a month and obviously have many options when it comes to hotels in Midtown but i return to the W every month because of the level of personal service i receive. From the manager who ensured that i had a room even when the hotel was sold out, to the Acura driver, to the check in desk i have always been accommodated and made to feel like the hotel was home. When not actually home this is worth it's weight in gold. My only criticism is that the food at the Spice Market is terrible and as the room service utilizes the same kitchen by extension it is also horrific. Stay here but eat somewhere else. November 22, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by July 4th weekend overall a great holiday weekend. hotel was very lively if not crowded. mob scene at checkin but fortunately as a gold level guest, we were able to get into our room right after 3pm. spent two afternoons the the pool. Definitely a party scene, but very cool. Not for kids or conservative folks. Felt like I was in scene from RHOA at times. room was very stylish and comfortable but shop worn from high traffic. great location for midtown and Buckhead shopping. Good time here, just be prepared for a lively atmosphere and lots of traffic. July 7, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Staycation I must say that customer service was exceptional from the moment I walked into the hotel. I was greeted by Simone at the front desk who was very personable as well as Cain, who was my Bell hop. Both of them were very kind, attentive and professional. Every person that I came in contact with on Staff was so hospitable. The hotel room was modern, romantic/ sultry, and comfortable. We had dinner at the Spice Market food and drinks were absolutely delicious. I only have one complaint and that would be old and cold french fries from our late night meal order. I personally hate cold fries, but other than that everything was exceptional and I do hope to return back soon. November 25, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Location Cool Vibe Love the location, staff and rooms and facilities at this W Awesome spot near Mid Town restautrants etc. I was disappointed in the new hotel restaurant It's a Southern "cooking" place not worthy of a "W" and the food I ordered there on 2 occasions was not cooked correct ( over cooked and undercooked) the Wait staff and Bartenders were responsive and friendly though! July 28, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by This hotel lacks service We stayed at the W Midtown Atlanta for 3 nights (Thursday thru Saturday nights). There was an extreme lack of bellhop service. On the day that we checked out, we had to wait 25 minutes for a bellhop to come get our luggage. Honestly, the hotel knows how many people will be checking in/out and they were woefully understaffed. Also, our room wasn't cleaned until 2 p.m. or later on Friday. We called on Saturday and requested that our room be cleaned while we were at lunch (it was). In addition, our housekeeper did not speak or understand English. This hotel is extremely short staffed, but the personnel are very friendly. October 28, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Over priced all the way around See title...everything from the room to the bar to the restaurants was overpriced versus the value delivered. The only thing they excelled at was having plenty of outside staff for the valet parking. A simple two egg breakfast in the room for $20 plus a $3.50 delivery charge and 18% gratituity...give me the $6.99 Waffle House All Star any time with more food and better taste. The Spice Market....if you like paying a huge premium for barely warm tiny servings of so-so food then go for it! Drinks...huge prices for mid-grade brands of alcohol...get a loan if you want top shelf. Better values at other dowtown properties. January 4, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Modern decor This hotel is more suited for people who like to party. Rooms are stocked with a variety of high end spirits and snacks, with a high end price. Modern decor and beds were comfortable. August 1, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by SUPERBOWL SUPERHOTEL Conciege Bryon was fantastic. Traveling to W Hotel for all week meeting starting with Superbowl party Sunday evening. Purchased SeaHawks Jersey and in the travel process the jersey came up missing. Someone needed it more than I. I arrived at hotel at 330pm. Asked the Conceige Bryon could he find out where to get a SeaHawks Jersey prior to game time. He not only found out the location offered to have it delivered to my room. Wow, that is SERVICE. Not only did the Jersey meet the recommended dress code for the evening MY Team won with the lucky Jersey. Thanks Bryon. Oh, I had visited a minimum of 6 sports stores from Atlanta airport to Hotel with no luck in locating a jersey February 9, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by a lot of hype for nothing I expected more since this is a W chain. The room I had was small and we got two beds that seem too small to be queen beds but when I called the front desk, they rudely told me that they were queen beds after the lady initially told me that they were king beds. I am not that stupid. I can tell what a standard full, queen and kings beds look like. We also ate at the spice market restaurant which was terrible. The overall design and ambience was nice but the food was horrible. I lived in NYC for many years and I have had many exposure to fusion asian food but this is just bad food. I would not recommend the hotel nor the restaurant. Please do something else with your money. December 26, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Overnight GetAway Sans Kids My wife and I are two very active parents who don't always have the luxury of time to do things just for one another. We decided to spend an overnight romantic getaway at the W-Midtown hotel. The W-Midtown is the perfect place for adults to have a romantic getaway and experience the midtown Atlanta nightlife! We found the hotel staff to be very hospitable and the facility itself was amazing with the modern furniture and amenities. Close to several night life hot spots (many within walking distance of the hotel) we know we'll be back! June 30, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by A little ragged around the edges Was at this hotel for 2 nights, and found my room a little worse for the wear. The shade for one of the bathroom light fixtures was missing--just a bare bulb. I had to call for 2 days to get them to fix it. The windowshades were tattered & torn, and the curtains had holes in them. The paint on the walls was chipped off in numerous places. Oddly the room didn't have a coffee or tea maker--but they did have a tray with two bottles of vodka and some whiskey. I was there over a weekend, and it was loud with parties & bachelorettes in the hallways. The public rooms seemed in good repair and looked like your typical W. Staff were friendly, though sometimes hard to reach by phone. November 11, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 Mediocre at Best It wasn't a terrible stay, but wasn't indicative of a W or the cost associated with the stay. Checking in was a laborious process, taking nearly an hour due to understaffing. When someone did come to assist, every item of hardware, from her computer to the room key creator, was broken. The room itself was one of the least "cool" of any W I've stayed in – just an updated standard room with a few modern touches. The shower was clogged, drained poorly, and the showerhead broken. Roomservice was probably the best thing, being quick and efficient. But that wasn't enough to make up for an overall unfortunate experience. Try the W Downtown Atlanta, it's new and has to be better. August 15, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by W hotel in Atlanta has declined Disappointments: Room service took 1 hour to deliver chicken sandwich Staff at front desk continued to chat when we walked up to check in, told us to wait a moment. Bliss Spa - receptionist was very inattentive, keep talking on phone while i waited to get in, asked my name on 3 occasions when there was only one other guest in spa. Woman who worked at W was sitting in Spa lounge, on cell phone and still there after my massage, apparently working. Quality of sports massage was mediocre. Use of heated gel to relieve muscles was not good - way too hot, she did not tell me she was going to put it on before she used it - very shocking, uncomfortable I probably would not use spa again September 28, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by thin walls, no in room coffee The walls are so thin that I can clearly hear the person in other room talking on the phone or people walking in the hall way. Also the honks on the roads were so loud (again due to thin walls and poor sound proofing) in nights and disturbing the sleep. Also, not having in room coffee is a BIG disadvantage, but I like the complimentary coffee in the lobby (you need to make sure the supplies are adequate at times though) July 17, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great location, fun hotel The hotel is walking distance to great restaurants, entertainment, and shops. The ambiance and activity level of the hotel worked fine for the purpose of my trip--in town for a wedding. Not the ideal place if you're looking for a quiet retreat as there is plenty of activity in the lobby with the bar as well as the Wet deck. The walls are "thin" in that you can hear some of the noise in the hallways, but overall the rooms are great and the staff was responsive. Fun hotel, though! July 7, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by MIDTOWN Excellent location. Staff was excellent! Swimming pool was fantastic! Hotel could use a facelift though. July 28, 2014
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