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  • 421 West B Street
  • San Diego,
  • Kalifornien
  • 92101
  • USA
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Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 251 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by The room was nice but not service The room and the location of the hotel was very nice. The room had clean feel to it. I liked the blue theme interior. The location of the hotel was especially nice for my trip. The service though, was definitely below what I expected. I have stayed in W hotel previously and my previous stays were the reason why I booked W San Diego. When I was checking in, the guy was rude and definitely not hospitable. He didn't explain anything to me nor asked any questions. He just shortly informed that my room was not ready and tht I would have to wait until they gave me a call. Even though he said he would call me, he didn't take my phone number so I asked him if my phone number was on the file. He went to check and asked me for my number. If you said you were going to call me, check before you send me off if you have my phone number. on the file. He was just a disappointment and I honestly thought I would have a really bad stay in the hotel. Concierge was nice, Acura service was nice and the girl who called me to inform me that the room was ready was also nice. The only major problem I had was the guy who checked me in since he was the same person who handed me the keys as well. No explanation or anything again. Just gave me the keys like I would know where everything in the hotel is and especially where my room is. Yes, I can read numbers and can tell what floor the room is but it's nice to actually be informed. I had to check my bank statement to check how much the security deposit was, I had to go online and call to ask whether check out time was 11am or 12pm and ask other questions. Everything that I could of been just informed upon check in, nothing was given. He was probably the only major problem I had with this hotel. Everyone else was very nice and Andrea was especially nice in helping me book reservations for a restaurant. When I checked out, the guy seemed very confused but he was still giving me service. Everything would of been okay for me if it wasn't only for that front desk guy. If you are looking for a decent hotel and you don't really care about service, then I would recommend this one. But I would definitely not be staying in W hotels anymore after this experience. May 28, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Expected So Much More I've visited the San Diego area many times, and this was my first time staying at the W San Diego. Overall, the property was okay, but not what I expected from a W Hotel or Starwood property. Let me start by saying that Sergio with Room Service was great, and the rest of the staff was nice and helpful as well. The Welcome Agent informed us that the public areas had recently gone through a renovation, and the decor reflected the upgrades and was pretty cool. He also informed us that the guest rooms are going to be renovated in 2013, which they are somewhat in a need of. In the guest rooms, I found a number of issues: 1. All the countertops/surfaces were sticky, as if not cleaned. But even worse was that anything that was set on any surface, stuck to it (i.e. - the remotes to the countertops, the ice bucket to the sliding shelf it sits on, etc.#. 2. The shower in my room had a European set-up which was fine, except that it was extremely narrow and allowed an excessive amount of water to leave the shower and end up on the bathroom floor and soaking the hallway carpet #if the bathroom door is open#. Another couple in my party had the same complaint. The shower head also didn't have great pressure, and you had to turn the shower knob all the way to the end for the water to heat up. Taking a shower just shouldn't be that much work. 3.If you are a business traveler, bring an extention cord. While there were electrical outlets behind the night stands, you had to move the night stands to reach them. The only visible outlet was at the desk, which wasn't convenient for ironing unless you wanted to be in the hallway right outside the bathroom. 4. I have back issues and can't sleep on anything too soft, which includes pillows. I requested to have some firm pillows brought to my room #on the second day#, and of the 3 that were left, none of them were firm. And while I'm sure the staff tried, I simply think this propoerty doesn't have firm pillows, which left me having trouble getting comfortable and sleeping. 5. Two minor issues in the room: a. The air conditioner doesn't go below 65 degrees. On a hot day or night, this will leave you hot. b. The basic channels on the TV #ABC, NBC, CBS) were all filled with static to the point were you couldn't see what was on the screen. An engineer came to fix the problem by tightening the cables and it worked, but by the end of my stay those channels were filled with static again. Minor hotel issues: a. None of the ice machines worked, however, the staff brought buckets of ice to the room when requested. b. The gym is very minimalistic - a few cardio machines, one weight bench and one set of dumbbells is every weight. The gym had seemed to always be full, as it wasn't a large area. Good thing it was close to the harbor where there is a running path. If you are looking to be in the thick of the "scene" this is not the property for you. Try something in the Gaslamp, as this is downtown and closer to the harbor. While I don't plan to stay at this property again, I'd be interested to see what changes are made after the renovations are complete. September 26, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Huge Disappointment! My boyfriend and I wanted to do a getaway vacation just to relax. The W Hotel in San Diego left us quite disappointed. We arrived late Tuesday night and were quite impressed with the decor. Upon settling in our room, we discovered a stain on the lid of the toilet and that the bathroom door wasn't working. While the stain was quite small, it was still visible and made me uncomfortable with using the facilities. I called the Whatever/Whenever to ask for toothpaste and that someone come to clean the bathroom. After Adriana apologized for the bathroom and assured me it would be taken care of, a person came within minutes to deliver the toothpaste and said someone would be right up to clean the bathroom. After waiting over 40 minutes, no one showed up. I called back down to Adriana and asked if this was something we could have taken care of. She again apologized and said she spoke to the maintainence manager and will have someone up immediately. This was about 2am. At 2:45 am when no one showed up, I called Adriana to inform her no one showed up and we were too tired to wait for someone to come take care of the restroom. She was very polite and understood that it was late and informed me it would be taken care of in the morning. A manager in the morning called me to apologize about the room being dirty and offered to move us into another room or have it cleaned, whichever we preferred. He also offered to take care of lunch if we would like but Adriana had already compensated us with parking so we politely declined. I called him as we were leaving to let him know the room was ready to be cleaned. Upon coming back that afternoon, the room was tidied up and the bathroom door fixed but the stain on the lid of the toilet remained as it was found the night before. At this point I took a picture of the stain and went down to the front desk to explain how unsanitary and uncomfortable I felt using this facility. She apologized and a manager came by to look at the photo and assured me he'd have someone up immediately to fix the issue. The maintainence manager came and I showed him where the stain was. He then had a housekeeper come up and said she would be able to assist me with whatever I needed. When I showed her the stain she said "that's it" and proceeded to clean and left. I felt her comment was very snide and rude. I understand the stain was small and something simple that I could have cleaned myself. The point is I did not make the mess and my room shouldn't have had a stain in it to begin with. The manager assures me the W Hotel prides itself on "fine combing" and looking at every little detail but yet this was missed twice by the maintainence team. I felt Adriana really did go above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed our stay when she sent me a hand written apology and a cheese plate. Even though it eventually was resolved, I felt it had become a bigger inconvenience than it needed to be and I especially didn't appreciate the housekeeper's smart remark. I am very disappointed with our experience, especially since it was our first time. As a starwood preferred guest we had a wonderful time at the Westin in LA and was really looking forward to what the W Hotel had to offer. I wished our experience would have lived up to our expectations July 13, 2012
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