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детский бассейн

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Фитнес-центр recharge

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бильярдный стол

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бильярдный стол

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местный шаттл

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задний двор

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задний двор

re-mix lounge

re:mix(SM) lounge

camp Aloft for kids

Parents, take note: we’ve got a kid-tastic experience in store for the little ones. Our camp Aloft program’s pint-size perks invite the under-12 crowd to stay and play their way—with special bedding, fun food faves, and other neat treats.

touch & go check-in kiosks

Zip through check-in with touch & go, our easy-breezy, self-service kiosk. Touch-screen technology lets you choose your exact room and floor, confirm rates, get keys, and even print your next flight’s boarding pass. In no time, you’re on your way!

in-touch terminals

Get in the know at our in-touch terminals—easy breezy Internet access to help you find local information and access your email. It’s all at your fingertips and easy to print.