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Ballsaal Blue

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Ballsaal mit Klassenzimmerkonfiguration

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Tagungsraum Tactic

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1/3 Ballsaal mit Reihenbestuhlung

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2/3 Ballsaal mit Sitzreihenbestuhlung

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Rosaroter Ballsaal

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Sitzungssaal der Sweet Suite

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Raum Bridal Party

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Raum Bridal Party

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Veranstaltungsraum: mixx it up

Humdrum meetings and unexciting events are a thing of the past. Get down to business—or party hearty—in one of Aloft Mount Laurel’s 6 spaces, and add some pizzazz to your next big bash. We’ve got options to suit every event!

Our 603-square-foot tactic room is the hotel’s premier space for serious business. With modular conference tables and other flexible furniture, it’s quick to configure to whatever arrangement you need. We’ve outfitted it with the best A/V set-up, including a 50” flat-panel TV primed for presentations—PowerPoint and training videos never looked so good. Complimentary Wi-Fi means everyone can keep up their meeting-time multitasking. You can always entice them away from email with a hands-on brainstorming session—we’ll supply easels, flipcharts, and boards for doodling and noodling.

For fancier or more festive functions, celebrate in style in eliXir, our sprawling grande ballroom. It maxes out at 5,279 square feet but easily sub-divides into several smaller spaces as needed. And there’s further venue versatility with an adjoining pre-function space plus a beautiful backyard for open-air enjoyment. Let the good times roll!

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