Global Citizenship


Critical Areas Of Focus


Recognizing the impact climate change has on the environment, the global economy and our business, we are committed to moving to alternative and renewable energy sources where feasible in addition to exploring the use of renewable energy credits and longer-term carbon offsets.


The reduction of energy use has been the cornerstone of our environmental policy since 2009. As the first global hospitality company to aim to reduce energy usage per built hotel room, throughout our properties, we insist on including all our owned, managed, and franchise hotels in our energy reduction goal.


Understanding that our food & beverage practices have an environmental and social impact, we are working to integrate leading sustainable and social principles into our core food & beverage strategy and operations.


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

We encourage owners across all brands to use the most sustainable products and innovative materials by following the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program guidelines, our green building roadmap, and international red lists.

Supply Chain

While our efforts to embed sustainability and social responsibility in our supply chain are in the early stages, we find this to be an essential focus to our evolving Global Citizenship strategy. Therefore, through an expanding range of initiatives, we are working to integrate social and environmental considerations into supplier choices at both the local and global level.



As waste minimization is a fundamentally local issue, we aim to create a global framework with foundational partnerships. From construction and demolition diversion to operational recycling, composting and reuse, we encourage properties to develop and report innovative and effective solutions that meet their community’s needs.


Water is a fundamental element of our environmental strategy. As a facet of our hotels that guests can see, taste and experience, we implement water reduction methods that do not affect the guest experience. In addition to conserving water throughout our properties, we also focus on our water sourcing and mitigating water risk and scarcity.