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Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, West Coast - Amanecer desde el bar local

Amanecer desde el bar local

Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, West Coast
Área local

Renowned as the “Switzerland of the Orient,” Qingdao is a hilly port city located at the foot of Lao Shan Mountain, on the shore of the Yellow Sea, in China’s Shandong Province. Connected to retail shopping and near government offices and a golf course, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, West Coast offers easy access to the area’s top attractions. We are located on the beloved Lingshan Bay, and the Qingdao Economic and Technical Development Zone is to the east. Thanks to the new sea bridge, Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO) is just an hour away.

Experience the Dazhu Mountain Scenic Spot north of the hotel for breathtaking views. Lingshan Island, a famous natural park, is also nearby. This volcanic island is endowed with a unique geological landscape, as well as soft beaches, a gentle sea breeze, and peaceful seagulls.

Explore Qingdao’s unique mix of Eastern culture and European architecture, which is especially prominent at Badaguan (Eight Passes). This scenic area features eight streets named after the eight famous passes of the Great Wall of China and is lined with more than 200 charming, historic homes representing 24 architectural styles. Other key sites include the 440-meter-long Zhan Qian Pier, the symbol of Qingdao, and the majestic Lao Shan Mountain, a significant Taoist sight.

A famous garden city also renowned for its beaches, Qingdao hosts numerous annual festivals, including the Qingdao International Sea Festival and the Qingdao International Beer Festival. If you can’t make it for the festival, stop by the Qingdao Beer Museum. Housed in a historic building, this century-old brewing company invites you to sample its signature beverages, learn about its past, and pick up some souvenirs. In addition to beer, Qingdao is famous for its seafood. Try some fresh local clams or savor the seafood wonton and roasted sleeve-fish (squid). For some after-dinner entertainment head to the popular Hong Kong Garden neighborhood, which is filled with hundreds of shops, restaurants, and bars. Delight in unique seashell and hand-woven grass crafts, glistening natural pearls, seafood products, and eye-catching green stones from Lao Shan Mountain.

Arte y cultura

  • Zona pintoresca de la montaña Dazhu  11.0 km/6.8 millas
  • Zona pintoresca de Langyatai  34.3 km/21.3 millas

Atracciones locales

  • Monte Xiaozhu Shan  13.4 km/8.3 millas
  • Puente de la bahía de Jiaozhou  33.4 km/20.8 millas


  • Hospital de la zona de desarrollo económico y técnico  1.2 km/0.8 millas
  • Hospital del pueblo  5.0 km/3.1 millas
  • Universidad Qingdao Huanghai Vocational College  8.2 km/5.1 millas
  • Universidad del Petróleo (este de China)  13.2 km/8.2 millas
  • Universidad de ciencia y tecnología de Shandong  20.7 km/12.9 millas

Destinos cercanos

  • Qingdao Economic & Technical Development Zone  10.0 km/6.2 millas
  • Paisaje pintoresco de Badaguan  35.0 km/21.8 millas


  • Orient Golf Course  1.0 km/0.6 millas

Oficinas corporativas

  • Bank of China  1.6 km/1.0 millas
  • Savio (Shandong) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.  2.6 km/1.6 millas
  • H J Heinz Company  3.2 km/2.0 millas
  • DoubleStar  3.4 km/2.1 millas
  • Qingdao Huatian Hand Truck Co., Ltd  3.9 km/2.4 millas
  • Haier  5.3 km/3.3 millas
  • Synutra International Inc.  6.1 km/3.8 millas
  • Qingdao Turbo Air Inc.  9.6 km/6.0 millas
  • Parque industrial de Hisense  19.6 km/12.2 millas
  • Parque industrial Qingdao Aucma  19.8 km/12.3 millas
  • Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.  22.3 km/13.9 millas
  • Qingdao McDermott Wuchuan Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd .  24.9 km/15.5 millas
  • Qingdao CBD  37.0 km/23.0 millas

Oficinas de gobierno

  • Jiaonan County Government  1.0 km/0.6 millas


  • Lingshan Bay  0.1 km/0.0 millas
  • Puerto de Qianwan  20.4 km/12.7 millas
  • Transbordador en Xuejiadao  20.7 km/12.9 millas
  • Túnel de la bahía de Jiaozhou  27.4 km/17.0 millas
  • Puerto de Dongjiakou  46.0 km/28.6 millas



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