LM100 | Michael Lin


Many years ago, as political protest and dissent shook his native Taiwan, artist Michael Lin made a conscious decision to turn inward for inspiration. The vicissitudes of domestic life—rather than the political currents shaping the public sphere—gave way to what have become Lin’s signature flower motifs. Using the patterns and shapes on four traditional pillows as aesthetic touchstones, Lin created his first floralscapes have become a signature motif of his work. Those floral motifs—highly attuned to Taiwanese visual language—have ironically proved to be some of the most politically and culturally resonant of Lin’s work.

Those floralscapes—often projected onto walls or splayed across floors—have also allowed Lin to transgress traditional notions of what constitute the spatial and thematic boundaries of art. Resisting the confinements of traditional canvases and frames, Michael Lin has long used art as a means to explore and impact how people come to understand space—from domestic spaces to skateboarding parks, from art galleries to hotel lobbies. He routinely plumbs “the behavioral aspects of how the public interacts with space… or what spaces demand from the public,” Lin says.

Lin’s exclusive keycard creations for Le Méridien’s UNLOCK ARTSM program are at the core of his partnership with Le Méridien and his role within LM100. Using his signature floral motifs, Lin designed the first set of UNLOCK ART keycards. As guests have started to use these cards to open doors and access experiences at local contemporary cultural institutions, the keycards themselves have not only become a testament to Lin’s gifts as an artist but works of art in and of themselves