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Le Méridien Dahab Resort | Artist in Residence – Ms. Barbara Meuer

Born and trained in Germany, Barbara worked professionally with clay since 1975 and in 2006 she opened her first studio in Dahab.

In the last few years, she has taken a special interest in working on low fired, reduced glazes, called lusters. Lusters were first developed by alchemists at the court of Harun Al Rashid, who were trying to produce gold. The technique spread all over the Middle East and was highly sophisticated during the Fatimid period in Egypt.

Lusters in ceramics are produced on silicious surfaces by adding metals like silver or copper to the glaze. Because of the different ways the fire spreads inside the kiln, the whole firing process is very complicated and as a result each piece is unique.
Beside the technical challenge she was fascinated by the lively appearance of the fire luster ware.

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