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The New Museum is concrete evidence that Nuremberg has not only traditional but also fascinatingly modern ideas up its sleeve! The breathtaking exterior architecture of the New Museum, the State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg, suggests much about what you can expect to find inside. The colossally imposing curved glass façade, an impressive part of the modern museum architecture of the Berlin architect Volker Staab, juxtaposed directly against the adjacent medieval city wall in the heart of Nuremberg makes the square in front of the museum, the Klarissenplatz, a striking fusion of architectural styles.

The interplay of two mutually complementary poles is also reflected in the spacious collection and exhibition rooms of the New Museum. Here both old and new architecture as well as art and design in a gallery space of ca. 3,000 m2. Two collections of fine and applied arts have been brought together in the New Museum – this balanced presentation of contemporary art and design in one museum is rather unique.

The art collection of the New Museum offers many insights into the development of art since the 1960s. The art movements range from Zero, Fluxus and Conceptual Art to the present, where art can less than ever be pigeon-holed by names and stylistic terms, while at the same time artists are employing a huge variety of media. Painting and sculpture are found side by side with photography, video art and installations. The art collection originated from the holdings of the international contemporary art collection of the city of Nuremberg, which was initiated in 1967. In the meantime it has been augmented by extensive new museum acquisitions as well as by various private foundations and objects on loan.

The New Museum has a cooperation with the Neue Sammlung (New Collection) – The International Design Museum Munic. The New Collection, consisting of 75,000 objects from the areas of industrial design, graphic design and decorative arts is today one of the world‘s leading museums for 20th century applied art. Select examples of international design from the holdings of the New Collection from 1945 until the present are displayed in the New Museum.

Art and design are juxtaposed in the collection rooms in a very close fashion to reveal both the differences as well as the parallel developments in the two areas. Thus, since the beginning of 2008 visitors can stroll through rooms for art alternating with rooms for design, each dedicated to a certain topic, on both levels of the collection. Autonomous exhibitions of art and design are also frequently presented along with interdisciplinary trends. The most important tasks of the New Museum are to encourage interest and convey knowledge and understanding, openness and enthusiasm for contemporary art and design. The house thus offers a wide range of tours, is strongly involved in organizing programs for children and young people, and rounds this off with lectures and events. A diversity of cultural activities, such as film nights on the Klarissenplatz or contemporary music concerts also draw other disciplines into the museum and transport the museum‘s art outside. Architecture and contents make the New Museum a venue of surprises, openness and inspiration that no visitor to Nuremberg should miss!

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