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Le Méridien Koh Samui room keys open your world to the Nakhai-Huathanon shrine. Situated between an Islamic mosque and a traditional Thai temple, the shrine celebrates Samui as a peaceful paradise where three religions harmoniously coexist.

At the shrine stands the beloved statue of Guan Yu—a 9-foot tribute to the soldier named “Saint of Force” for protecting both the ruling class and the common folk with his honesty and bravery. Guan Yu is worshipped worldwide for his auspicious life and brave legacy.

A visit to Nakhai-Huathanon gives guests the unique opportunity to pay respect to Guan Yu with the appropriate local rituals. 

  • For 150 THB, guests receive a traditional worship kit—including 42 sticks of incense, one for every god represented at the shrine; two candles that symbolize the shining life; red paper embellished with gilding that represents money and finally fireworks to complete the ritual. 
  • For an additional 20 THB donation guests may drizzle oil into the oil lamps while wishing for a personal and professional life that flows smoothly.

When you present your Unlock Art™ room key to our Guest Service Agents, you also receive complimentary fruit—a customary offering to Guan Yu.

  • Hours of operation:

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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