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Verified travel professionals receive commissions for consumed bookings in most retail rate categories. That means you'll get paid a percentage on your eligible bookings. Now that's a job perk.

Here's How it Works

You'll receive commissions based on room rates and included package components where specified — excluding taxes and charges. That includes Rack, Corporate and Brand Experience packages, plus Best Available, Weekend, AAA, and Retired Persons rates. Keep in mind: You won't receive commissions on net rate bookings, which generally include Groups, Government, and Travel Industry Rates.

Payments through StarCom

Getting paid is easier than ever. StarCom, powered by Onyx CenterSource, consolidates your commissions from all Starwood brands to optimize your costs and give you better control of your payments.


Starcom Benefits

  • Consolidated weekly commission payments
  • Personalized payment methods and currency
  • Roll-up payments — multi-unit agencies can request one payment to corporate headquarters
  • Real-time, online access to check payment status
  • eStatements including brand logos, guest detail, hotel name and address


Starcom Tools

  • Tracking — search for commission payment status by hotel name, guest name, Starwood confirmation number or stay dates of stay.
  • Reconciliation — custom payment reports can be imported into your back-office systems.
  • Commission Inquiry — open a new commission claim or track an existing claim online, anytime.
  • Online reporting — analyze commissions paid by hotel, month or country.


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Using StarCom

Tracking. To track your commission status:

Reconciliation. To develop a customized payment report:

Commission Inquiry. To open a new commission claim or track an existing claim online:



Make sure your company details, payment method and VAT number are current to ensure you receive your payments. For U.S. agents, please ensure your W-9 information is up to date to avoid IRS-imposed withholding taxes.
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Save time: Track your commission payments. You can search, view and export CIC payment reports or search for the status of an individual confirmation using the Payment Tracking — Global Search function.
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If you haven't received commission for a confirmation over 30 days old, please let us know immediately.
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For non-Onyx-participating properties, please call Starwood's Customer Service department at 1 (800) 328-6242 or email


Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support

Connect with StarCom customer support at or call 1-866-531-0170 (within the U.S.) or +34 95 503 1440 (outside the U.S.).

Support available from 2:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. EST (8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CET) Mon-Fri. Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StarCom?

StarCom is a global travel agency commission processing solution powered by Onyx CenterSource. It provides commission consolidation from all SPG brands to our travel partners.

Who is eligible to earn commission?

Any travel professional with a valid industry ID from IATA, CLIA, ARC, TRUE or TIDS.

Do I need to enroll in StarCom in order to receive a commission payment?

No; however, we recommend logging in to the Onyx network to track your commission payments. You can download the Onyx User Guide here.

How do I log in to the Onyx Network?

You will receive your access codes from Onyx along with your first payment confirmation. Go to to log on.
If you do not have access codes, please visit or contact

What is the cost of participating in a central commission program?

There are no costs to receive a commission payment as part of the program.

How frequently are payments processed?

Onyx processes payments every week. However, agents can request payment caps or change payment frequency preference (monthly).

How will I receive my commission payment?

You can choose to have your commission payment deposited directly into your bank account or receive it by check. Select “Your Profile” from the home page to update your payment preferences.

Does my agency set up payment caps?

To find out, please log on to and select “Your Profile” from the home page; or, contact

Is my agency part of a group where the commissions are paid to our head office? How would I know if we are part of a group?

To find out, please contact Onyx at or by calling 1-866-531-0170 (within the U.S.) or +34 95 503 1400 (outside the U.S.).

How do I find out if a commission has been paid?

Log in to the Onyx Network and select “Payment Tracking” from the home page, or go to Global Search from the main menu. You can search for commissions paid by hotel name, confirmation number, guest name, dates of stay and other fields.

What currency will I receive my commission payment in?

Onyx makes payments in more than 20 currencies, including USD, EUR and GBP. You can select your preferred payment currency by going to “Your Profile.”

How do I access the StarCom reporting tool?

Log in to the Onyx Network and select “Other Services” from the home page. There, you can run basic and advanced reports, including payments per hotel, payments per month, payments per country and nights per booking. There are over 25 advanced and customizable reports.

What reconciliation tools are available?

With the Data Interface Generator (DIG), Onyx will work with you to customize a payment report that is designed to be imported into your back-office systems for reconciliation.

How do I request a missing commission payment?

Log in to the Onyx Network and select “Your Commission Claims” from the main menu to open a new commission claim or track an existing claim online, or contact