RSS Feeds: Get Starwood Special Offers Hot Off the Press
What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a tool that enables Internet users to get information in their Web browser as soon as it's available on the Web.

Why Subscribe to RSS?
Starwood Special Offers are now available through RSS feeds. RSS feeds deliver our special offers to RSS subscribers as soon as they're available online. This means you'll get the latest special offers as soon as they're available. You can check out the new offers and book right away, and keep up to date on the latest specials, exclusives and packages from all Starwood hotels and resorts around the world.

What are RSS Feeds?
RSS feeds are like live, active browser bookmarks or favorites. By subscribing to Starwood Special Offers RSS feed, you are not "signing up" to receive emails or allow popups. You're simply allowing your browser to be updated when Starwood adds a new special offer to the site.

How do they work?
RSS uses a technology called XML to set a bookmark in your browser and refresh it every time we add a new special offer to our site. When this happens, your bookmark will be updated and the new special offer will be loaded.

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your Web browser you're already enabled to receive RSS feeds. If you use another browser, you can download an RSS reader.

In order to make RSS feeds work, you'll need a compatible reader installed. Some popular readers include Sage and Google Reader. Once your reader is installed, simply click the RSS button and copy and paste the link into your reader. Your feed will be updated regularly.