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  • Можно бронировать не ранее чем за 550 дней.
  • Еще раз проверьте ваши даты.

We recommend flying into Koh Samui Airport (USM), approximately 15 minutes from the resort. Additionally, guests traveling by land can take a ferry from Donsak Pier (on the mainland) to Na Thon Pier (on Koh Samui). The travel time ranges from 90 to 120 minutes.

Upon advance reservation, we are pleased to provide transfer services from both the airport and the pier to the resort. Additionally, taxi and songthaew transportation to Vana Belle and all around the island is readily available from 7am to 11pm. After-hours taxis can be obtained with assistance from the Concierge, who will be happy to assist with all travel arrangements. Please email
Concierge.Vanabelle@luxurycollection.com for more information.

Если вы путешествуете на автомобиле, посмотрите, как проехать из аэропорта или другого пункта отправления.

Getting Here


Samui International Airport (USM)

Расстояние в пути: приблизительно 6.0 км/3.73 мили (миль)

Возможности добраться до/из отеля:

  • 500 THB - 1,000 THB
    • Часы работы: 24 часа

  • 15 minutes
  • A variety of taxis are readily available from the airport to the resort. Vehicles range from sedans and SUVs to minibuses.

Private Car Service
    • Часы работы: 24 часа

  • 15 minutes
  • На месте;

    The resort is pleased to provide an array of vehicles for private transportation from the airport. Options include a Mercedes Benz S-Class and a Toyota Fortuner 4x4 for up to three guests and a six-person van.

    • Mercedes Benz S-Class: 2,700 THB one-way / 5,000 THB roundtrip
    • Toyota Fortuner: 1,200 THB one-way / 2,000 THB roundtrip
    • Toyota Commuter Van: 1,700 THB one-way / 3,200 THB roundtrip

    Please note that vehicles are subject to availability and should be reserved a minimum of 24 hours prior to arrival. Prices include taxes and service charge.


Na Thon Pier

Расстояние в пути: приблизительно 25.0 км/15.54 мили (миль)

Возможности добраться до/из отеля:

Local Taxi and Songthaew (Red Cab)
  • Songthaew: 200 THB – 300 THB; Taxi: 800 THB – 1,000 THB. Fees are one-way, vary according to travel time, and are negotiable.
    • Часы работы:

    Воскресенье - Суббота:

    5:00 - 18:00

  • 30 - 40 minutes
  • Both traditional taxis and songthaew can be easily hailed at Na Thon Pier. Please note that songthaews will make several stops before arriving at the resort.

Surat Thani Port

Расстояние в пути: приблизительно 26.0 км/16.16 мили (миль)

Возможности добраться до/из отеля:

Ferry Service
  • From 150 THB per person per way or 470 THB per personal vehicle (inclusive of driver) per way. Starting fee for public taxi to Vana Belle is 600 THB per car per way.
    • Часы работы:

    Воскресенье - Суббота:

    5:00 - 18:00

    Taxi Service from the port is available 24 hours a day.

  • Hourly departures from Don Sak Port or Surat Thani Port are available. The ferry ride takes approximately 90 minutes to Koh Samui and it is approximately 40 additional minutes from the port to the resort. Personal vehicles can be loaded onto the ferry. Upon arrival in Koh Samui, take a public taxi to get to Vana Belle. It is suggested that guests negotiate the fare prior to departure.

Donsak Pier

Расстояние в пути: приблизительно 64.37 км/40.0 мили (миль)

Возможности добраться до/из отеля:

Ferry Service
  • 150 THB - 350 THB (depending on ferry service availability). Fees are one-way, a supplementary 500 THB fee for vehicles applies.
    • Часы работы:

    Воскресенье - Суббота:

    5:00 - 19:00

  • 90 - 120 minutes
  • Ferry service from Donsak Pier/Surat Thani (on the mainland) to Non Thon Pier (on Koh Samui) runs every 60 minutes, starting at 5am, with the final ferry departing at 6pm.

    Reservations should be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to departure.

Getting Around

By Taxi

  • 300 THB - 800 THB
    • Часы работы: 24 часа

  • Taxis to downtown and around the island can be hailed in front of the resort. Please note that taxis do not feature a fixed price meter and fees should be negotiated prior to departure, dependent upon the desired destination and time.

By Rental Car

Rental Car
  • Rental cars are convenient for private travel around the island. Manual and automatic air-conditioned sedans and jeeps are available from local and major companies in the area.

By Private Car Service

Hotel Car Service
    • Часы работы: 24 часа

  • We are pleased to offer a variety of private vehicles piloted by a personal driver for transportation around the island, including to celebrated destinations such as Na Muang Waterfalls or the Big Buddha Temple. Vehicle options include a Mercedes S Class or BMW 7 Series for up to three guests, a Toyota Fortuner with 4x4 for up to four guests, and a six-person van.

    Roundtrip to Na Muang Waterfalls:

    • Toyota Fortuner: 2,000 THB
    • Van: 4,000 THB
    • BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S Class: 6,000 THB

    Roundtrip to Big Buddha Temple:

    • Toyota Fortuner: 2,000 THB
    • Van: 4,000 THB
    • BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S Class: 7,000 THB

    Please note that a minimum three-hour rental period is required. Additionally, vehicles are subject to availability and should be reserved a minimum of 24 hours prior to use.

By Other

  • 200 THB - 500 THB
    • Часы работы: 24 часа

  • Red pick-up trucks known as songthaews are commonly seen in Koh Samui, where they operate as private taxis and local buses. They travel on fixed routes all around the island but have no official stops and will circle around to pick up other riders as they drive.

    Guests are encouraged to flag them down, hop on, and pay when they disembark, though we advise riders to negotiate their fare prior to departure, particularly at nighttime when additional charges may apply. Please note that only a few songthaews operate at night, and those that do are primarily located in the Chaweng area.

Motorbike Rental
  • 200 THB - 400 THB
  • Motorbikes can be rented from numerous locations around the island. Please note that coastal roads are hilly in many places and motorbikes are not insured against accidents.

Примечание: Стоимость, сборы и сроки могут отличаться от указанных. Расстояние в пути зависит от дорожных условий и пробок.

Информация о парковке

Дополнительная информация

Если вам нужна помощь с транспортом или у вас возникли дополнительные вопросы, обращайтесь к нам по телефону (66)(77) 915 555.

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