Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort
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Hesperides Thalasso Spa

In the Canary Island archipelago off the coast of Africa, a tropical island known as Fuerteventura is host to a most inspiring spa experience. Blossoming flora, dazzling ocean views, and deep azure skies surround the 1200-square-meter Hesperides Thalasso Spa.  Within this palatial haven, ancient therapies are derived from the island’s volcanic energy then thoughtfully blended with modern practices. Our guests achieve maximum well-being through the personalized attention and medley of specialized amenities we offer in twelve well-appointed treatment rooms. Begin with our splendid Sensation Circuit, an exhilarating combination of warm sea water pool and therapeutic jets set under a crystal dome where you can enjoy the skyline and lush garden views day or night. Amenities also include our sauna, Roman suite, pebble walk, experience shower, steam bath, ice fountain, vitality pool and our fully-equipped gym.

Please note that all prices are quoted in Euro, do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

Special Facilities:
Sensation Circuit therapeutic jets, Sauna, Roman suit, pebble walk, experience shower, ice fountain, Vitality pool
Call The Spa:
(34)(928) 495106
20.0 EUR

Bath Treatment

Niagara Bath
Enjoy the sensations of Niagra Falls in the subdued setting of our warm bath treatment. You'll soak in a whirlpool enriched with special oils or salt and receive a multijet massage in a dimly-lit room to help you completely unwind.
  • 38€
Jamaica Bath
A water-based treatment using underwater jets and a customized bath to massage and revitalize the body.
Jet Shower
Our jet shower is used as a cellulitic, firming and slimming treatment as well as muscle and circulation problems. The recommended time for this treatment is 15 minutes, the water temperature will change every five minutes.
  • 32 €

Body Treatments

Treatments Around the World
Inspired by the serenity of 6 unique geographic locations, this personalized treatment allows guests to enter another world. Bath, body exfoliation, body wrap and massage are thematically customized to meet guest preferences.
  • 60 minutes/90€: Wild West, Old Europe, or China Bamboo; 60 minutes/110€: Congo Essences; 90 minutes/110€: Bora Bora; 90 minutes: Amazonas Dreams
Cherries Body Wrap
You'll love the surprising texture of our warming body wrap where cherry seed and cypress oil are blended with pink and white mud to relax and detoxify the body.
  • 40 minutes/50€
Cacao Body Wrap
Indulge in this rich treatment designed to remove impurties and reduce water retention with an exfoliating cacao bean and sweet almond oil scrub, thermal chocolate cream body wrap and gentle message.
  • 40 minutes/50€
Oasis Of Serenity
This special treatment destresses and nourishes the face and body with a relaxing blend of lavender and essential citrus oils. You'll enjoy a bath and Dead Sea salt body scrub followed by a Dead Sea mud wrap, facial scrub and mask and full massage.
  • 90 minutes/130€
Exfoliation with Africans Sands
Drawing from the volcanic properties of the Canary Islands, this African sand scrub is a rich source of silicates, silicon and basalt. It is a phenomenal treatment to help improve skin's elasticity.
  • 20 minutes/30€
Exfoliation with Sugar Cane
A natural exfoliating treatment with super moisturizing and regenerating effects.
  • 20 minutes/30€
Seaweeds Body Wraps
Our replenishing seaweed wrap is an effective way to detoxify and re-mineralize dry, depleted skin. You'll feel stress melt away and enjoy a more youthful glow after you relax in warm, micronized Seaweed and gently wrapped linens.
  • 40 minutes/55€; extra body scrub + 20€
Queen Cleopatra
This vital beauty ritual will make any woman feel like a queen with an anti-aging treament of essential oils for healthy, glowing skin.
  • 90 minutes/130€
Exfoliation with Natural Coffee
Let the stimulating power of coffee rejuvenate your skin with its powerful exfoliating properties.
  • 20 minutes/30€
Red Mud Body Wrap
Using nature's riches, Red Seaweed and Golden Arizona Desert Mud, this nourishing treatment delivers a penetrating dose of copper, magnesium, and zinc to heal every inch of your skin. A warm, bubbling wrap to vanquish fatigue and stress.
  • 40 minutes/45€
Turkish Scrub (Body Glow or Salt Glow)
Set inside a Turkish bath, a steamy room infused with aromatic plants and herbs, guests will enjoy an exfoliating scrub of coarse salt, essential oils and water followed by a refreshing shower and hydrating application of body lotion.
  • 30 minutes/40€
St Michel Sea Mud Body Wrap
Ideal treament to relieve muscular pain, tendonitis and arthritis using the naturally sulfur rich properties of 100% pure marine mud. This detoxifying wrap is recommended for relieving sport injuries, edema and any swollen, congested or sore area.
  • 40 minutes/55€
Body Care Treatments
Signs of physical and emotional stress are too often visible on the face and body. Help relieve your skin with a combination of firming, slimming and anti-cellulite treatments.
  • 60 minutes/110€; Combined 60 minutes/150€ (Firming Treatment, Slimming Treatment, Anticellulitic Treatment)
This glamorous treatment is a spiritual healing process for the modern woman. Let aromatic rose products delight your senses as our therapists use crystals or agates to draw out imbalanced energy from various parts of the body.
  • 90 minutes 130€
Exfoliation with Salt From the Dead Sea
A truly unique treatment to oxygenate, purify and moisturize skin with an exfoliating sea salt that contains 12 minerals found only in the Dead Sea.
  • 20 minutes/35€
Marcus Antonio
This vital face and body treament renews vigor with a cleansing bath, Dead Sea salt scrub and unique body wrap of Dead Sea mud and Marcus Antonio essence, a special blend of romero, camomile and cypress essential oils.
  • 90 minutes/130€
Wine Body Wrap
Revitalize your skin and eliminate impurities with the special blend of red wine and clay used in this invigorating body wrap. Improved cellular regeneration makes this an ideal treatment for dry, sensitive and aging skin.
  • 40 minutes/50€
Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap
Millions of people from all over the world go to the Dead Sea to bask in its beauty and enjoy the healing properties of its mud and waters. Try our Dead Sea body wrap and experience its rejuvenating power with a unique concentrated blend of minerals.
  • 40 minutes/55€

Hands & Feet

Oriental Spa Manicure or Oriental Spa Pedicure
Your hands and feet deserve special attention too so don't forget to treat them to a manicure or pedicure. These extra beauty treatments improve the appearance of fingernails and skin on your hands and feet.
  • Manicure: 60 minutes/50€; Pedicure: 80 minutes/65€

Massage Services

Pressotherapy is an exclusive treatment designed to stimulate the body's natural ability to eliminate toxins and promote lymphatic drainage.
  • 30 minutes/40€
Relaxing Back and Leg Massage
Ease mental and physical tension with this special massage targeting you legs and back. This treatment uses soothing lavander oil for the back and a cooling moisturizing gel for the legs to help achieve maximum relaxation.
  • 40 minutes/50€
Facial Massage (Relax Massage)
A facial massage is a great way to de-stress and unwind after a heavy day. This popular Western beauty treatment reduces signs of aging, relieves stress, headaches and other ailments for a healthier glow and restored calm.
  • 20 minutes/35€
Hot Stone Massage
This comforting massage applies water-heated Basalt stones to key points on the body and combines the stones' penetrating warmth and energizing properties with firm manipulations for a deep sense of muscle relaxation.
  • 55 minutes/80€
Relaxing Full Body Massage
This full body massage restores energy and improves circulation through the use of aromatic essential oils derived from plants, flowers and trees. Select your favorite insence to further enhance this relaxing treatment.
  • 55 minutes/65€
Relaxing Local Massage
This massage targets any area you choose with a soothing blend of soft tissue manipulation and mixture of sweet almond and pure essential oils to reduce muscle tension and stress.
  • 20 minutes/40€
Vichy Shower
Our Vichy Shower recreates the cleansing sensation of a gentle rainfall using multi-jet sprays of hot and cold water. Recline and let this relaxing water massage increase circulation and lymphatic flow allowing the body to eliminate toxins.
  • 40 minutes/70€

Salon Services

Eyeslash and Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash tinting is a non-surgical process to naturally darken eyelashes using vegetable dyes. You can select the best color for your complexion including black, blue, shades of brown and even grey.
  • Eyelash: 20€; Eyebrow: 15€
Hydrant Hair Care
Our Hydrant line helps restore moisture and eliminate the discomfort of dry, flaky skin by nourishing the scalp’s stratum corneum.
  • 75 minutes/60€
Volume Hair Care
For fine hair that is sensitive to humidity and easily weighed down hair by treatments, we offer special care to boost volume and tone, strengthen and protect hair from harmful environmental factors.
  • 75 minutes/60€
Hairdresser Services
We offer a range of services, from cut to color to blow dry and highlights, for men, women and children.
Enjoy long-lasting, smooth skin with a waxing treatment. Unwanted hair can be removed from the face, arms, back, abdomen, bikini area, legs, or feet leaving skin soft for two to eight weeks.
De Luxe Stimulant Treatment
To fight hair loss, our Deluxe Stimulant treatments energize the hair bulb and enable proper function by providing active ingredients to protect the surrounding dermis.
  • 80 minutes/80€
Paraffin Bath
Relax tired hands and feet with this warming paraffin treatment. Wax is applied to extremities which are then wrapped in plastic to trap the heat. As the wax solidifies, dirt and dead skin cells are drawn from the surface leaving it silky smooth.
  • 30 minutes/30€ (hands or feet)
Capillary Treatments
We offer six effective solutions to restore health, shine and softness to dry, damaged and weak hair. In the fight against hair loss, our complete line of products can be tailored to enhance effectiveness and bring back a more youthful appearance.
  • 75 minutes/60€ (each treatment; includes blow dry)
Nutrition Hair Care
We offer two lines of products to nourish and regenerate hair fiber as well as provide long-lasting results and exceptional hold. Try our Nourishing line for sensitive hair and Ultra Nourishing line for very sensitive hair.
  • 75 minutes/60€
Exfoliant Hair Care
Recent studies indicate that the abnormal proliferation of Malassezia Furfur, a yeast found in the scalp’s natural microflora, causes dandruff. Our Exfoliant line is specially designed to purify the scalp and prevent signs of dry and oily dandruff.
  • 75 minutes/60€
Purifiant Hair Care
Our Purifiant line restores balance to the scalp by treating excessive sebum secretion that, if poorly treated, may lead to irritation, “asphyxiated” hair bulb and hair loss.
  • 75 minutes/60€
Back Cleansing
This pampering treatment targets the often neglected skin on your back with a refreshing cleanse, deep exfoliation and nourishing mask.
  • 60 minutes/70€

Skin Care Services

INO SENSI Facial Treatment
INO SENSI is an innovative product line specially formulated to calm easily irritated skin. Our essential treatment naturally soothes and protects sensitive skin resulting in long-lasting comfort.
  • 70 minutes/75€
Oxygenating Facial Treatment
For a noticeably smoother complexion, try this purifying facial treatment. The combined effects of make-up removal, soft peel, sonophoresis with custom serum, personalized mask and skincare cream fight free radicals to uncover skin's true radiance.
  • 60 minutes/90€
Specific Alliance Balance (Facial Treatment)
This balancing facial treatment helps open blocked pores and calm irritations using a highly concentrated serum.
  • 60 minutes/75€
Basic Moisturizing Facial Treatment
Our hydrating facial treatment soothes dry skin by providing essential moisture and nutrients through a ritual cleansing, facial scrub, purifying steam, massage, peeling mask, concentrated serum and customized creams to unlock skin's radiance.
  • 50 minutes/60€
Basic Balance Facial Treatment
This treatment soothes dry skin with an infusion of vital moisture and nutrients. Your skin's water-retention function is reprogrammed though a purifying facial peel and mask, massage, and moisturizing cream to improve elasticity and radiance.
  • 50 minutes/60€
Male Detox Facial Treatment
Our detoxifying facial treatment is formulated for men to stimulate cell renewal and even the complexion. His skin will radiate after this ritual cleansing, peel, steam, serum, mask, massage and application of custom skincare cream.
  • 80 minutes/90€
Antiaging Facial Treatment
Regain your complexion's vitality with this stimulating facial treatment. Specific care is given to each wrinkle for a visibly younger and firmer appearance. Ritual care blends cleansing, peels and masks with soothing massage for true relaxation.
  • 80 minutes/120€
Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment
A chitosan and marine collagen mask make this an essetial deep cleaning treatment. Plump fine lines and hydrate skin from the inside through purifying peels and steam, balancing masks and serums, gentle massage and personalized skincare cream.
  • 80 minutes/90€
Eyelift Treatment
Erase signs of aging with an essential treatment that smoothes the contour of the eye and soothes under eye bags. A gentle make-up remover, draining lift concentrate, rejuvenating mask, and target gel revitalizes eyes for beautiful gaze.
  • 30 minutes/45€
Queen Cleopatra Facial
The nourishing Queen Cleopatra facial plumps fine lines with a chitosan and marine collagen mask while the ritual facial cleansing and scrub, purifying steam, gentle massage and personalized skincare cream unlock skin's true radiance.
  • 60 minutes/90€


Structural Osteopathy
Osteopathy’s key principles are based on all parts of the body functioning together in an integrated manner.
  • 55 minutes/70 €
Therapeutic Local Massage
Target specific parts of the body with our therapeutic massage. We let our guest choose the body area they want massage based on their personal needs.
  • 20 minutes/40€
Back and Leg Therapeutic Massage
This penetrating massage is designed to allieviate tension held in problematic areas like the back and leg to rebalance the entire body.
  • 40 minutes/50€