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Treatment Room of Iridium Spa

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Exterior of Iridium Spa

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Iridium Spa Reception Desk

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Iridium Spa Treatment Room

A hidden tropical garden, open to the sky, forms the centrepiece of this private, 3,500 square metre Eden on the resort’s first floor. With a view of the yacht marina and verdant mountains beyond, the spa embraces its tropical setting and maintains a true sense of place in every detail. A simple palette of natural materials, including crisp white and ice blue granite, warm teak, and textured slate define the look and feel of the spa pavilion with clean, soothing architectural details throughout. The spa offers ten treatment rooms as well as a full salon, men's and women's dressing rooms and showers, a yoga room and a small outdoor pool.

Each treatment is composed of professional and time-honoured techniques as well as subtle gestures to delight the senses while addressing guests’ specific needs—whether for relaxation, muscle relief, or a glowing complexion for a special event. The Iridium Spa is pleased to provide in-room spa treatments by appointment.

Please reserve your treatment as far in advance as possible and if you need to cancel, we request 24 hours’ notice. There are no penalties for missed appointments, but if guests are either 15 minutes late or have to miss an appointment, we are not able to reschedule without another 24 hour advance notice.

Please note that all prices are quoted in China Yuan Renminbi (CNY), do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

  • Horaires:
dimanche - samedi:
13h30 à 22h00

Serene and contemporary
Aménagements spéciaux:
Ice chamber, Aromatherapy Inhalation & Mineral Salt Chambers, Chromatherapy Showers, Hair Salon
Appeler le spa:
(86)(898) 8855 5555 x3280/3281

Beauty Treatments

Lip Blooming Treatment
Give your face some extra care and contour with our Lip Blooming Treatment. The synergy of rose and fruit extracts visibly reduces small wrinkles, replenishes, moisturises, and re-plumps lips.
Intensive Eye Treatment
Specialised massage techniques improve micro-circulation and drainage, helping to reduce puffiness while natural plant extracts and oils work to leave the eyes fresh, bright and youthful.

Body Treatments

Restoring Thermal Mud Treatment
Designed to detoxify and refresh, this body treatment uses soft, creamy mud by Monticelli Thermal Centre to activate circulation with a high concentration of ingredients such as thermal water and pure essential oils.
Bespoke Skin Polish
A relaxing all-over exfoliation and layering of richly nourishing products, this stimulating treatment leaves skin looking radiant and feeling wonderfully smooth.
Revitalizing Rose Hydrator
This intensely hydrating treatment layers rich rose serum, oil, and cream, head to toe. Skin emerges glowing, soft, and smooth and every sense is heightened.
Enriching Body Treatment
This powerful treatment combines the strength of algae and specific active ingredients for the treatment of cellulite to boost metabolism. As tissues become remineralized and reoxygenated, skin becomes more toned.

Hands & Feet

Chinese Foot Reflexology
A healing therapy focused on the soles of the feet, reflexology alleviates stress and strengthens circulation. Fatigue, low-energy levels, aches, and pains can be relieved by clearing these pathways using pressure point foot massage.

Massage Services

Aromatic Bliss
This therapeutic massage treatment releases tensions held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged.
Remedial Therapy
Great for muscular tension and spasms due to athletic activities, stress or overwork, this intense massage uses deep, deliberate strokes to separate and lengthen muscle fibres.
Tui Na Massage
Using finger pressure to release blockages along the body's energy pathways, this traditional Oriental massage stimulates and restores balance as it relieves tension and stress. Emerge with a renewed feeling of vitality.
This treatment combines the deep techniques of a Swedish massage with radiating heat from beautiful semi-precious stones to relieve tight muscles and leave you feeling soothed and serene.
Perfect Harmony
This magical combination of Swedish and Tui Na massage combines pressure point stimulation and deep tissue massage. The treatment restores energy, increases flexibility, and enhances circulation.
Back at Ease
This massage is ideal for relieving stress, tension and pain for a healthier back as your therapist applies pressure from the thumb and palm to target specific trigger points on the upper and lower back, effectively ironing out tight muscles.

Skin Care Services

Essential Prescription Facial
Exquisite rose oils help condition the skin and deeply nourish. The result is a smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.
Clarifying Facial Treatment For Gentlemen
Created for a man's skin, this rejuvenating facial removes impurities and rebalances sebum production, visibly reducing acne and leaving skin deeply purified, more healthy looking and toned.
Rejuvenating Facial
An intensive treatment for ageing skin, this facial includes a unique dual layering of intensive masks, with specific lifting, plumping, and firming massage. Results are instantly visible.
Radiant Facial
This treatment increases luminosity and provides oxygenating and anti-oxidant action. A long-term program progressively lightens hyper-pigmented areas and may be customized for face, neck, décolleté, hands, and isolated dark spots.
Reviving Facial Treatment For Gentlemen
This active treatment targets dehydrated skin compromised by biological and environmental stress, frequent flying, exposure to sun, and extreme weather conditions. Skin is gently hydrated and becomes more smooth and elastic.
Holistic Aroma Facial
Tailored to your skin's specific needs, this facial offers a combination of pure essential oils and plant extracts, expertly applied with techniques designed to restore and recondition the skin, leaving the complexion smooth and luminous.

Spa Packages

Crystal Ice Grotto
Experience the ice chamber, a unique ceramic enclosure with temperatures ranging from -4℃ to -5℃. This cold environment stimulates circulation and strengthens the lymphatic and immune systems.
Aromatherapy Inhalation Chamber
At 37℃ to 45℃ with 100% humidity, the air in this chamber is enhanced by aromas and herbal essences. The moist, warm environment helps cleanse, stimulate circulation, relax the muscles, and ease joint pains.
Experience Shower with Chromatherapy
The Experience Shower offers a variety of water effects to stimulate, invigorate, and refresh the mind and body by implementing colours that evoke the specific emotions guests would like to conjure.
Mineral Salt Chamber
Ideal for cleansing and detoxifying respiratory conditions, this steam chamber ranges from 37℃ to 45℃.and utilizes the healing power of salt crystals.