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The Pine Cliffs Hotel sits prominently high atop the red sandstone cliffs of Portugal's spectacular Algarve coast, surrounded by an ancient pinewood forest and overlooking the azure waters of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Here along the southernmost reaches of the Iberian Peninsula, it occupies a stretch of land that for centuries was vulnerable to invaders, from the Phoenicians and Carthaginians to the Romans and the Visigoths. It would be the arrival of the Arabic Moors in the 8th century that would leave the most lasting impressions on the land, for they stayed on these shores for the next 500 years.

The Moorish influence on the region cannot be understated. It was during this time that Portugal assumed a greater role on the world stage as the Algarve became a major point along the trade routes between Africa and Europe. Exploring the area, visitors today will discover mosques, castles and medinas (walled cities with narrow, maze-like streets). The Pine Cliffs Hotel occupies an impressive 72 hectares of unspoilt land near the ancient coastal town of Albufeira, an Arabic name which literally translated means "Castle by the Sea."

And so it was with a profound sense for the history of the land combined with a nod toward the comforts of modernity that celebrated Portuguese architect Gabriela Iglesias designed the Pine Cliffs Hotel in 1992. The hotel's impressive design of Moorish influence allows for open, airy interiors, lushly landscaped gardens, and delightful guest rooms showcasing distinctive touches of Portugal.

Completely renovated in 2007, the hotel has long been regarded internationally for its stunning natural environs, pristine beach, legendary golf, and exemplary award-winning service. It is a favourite holiday destination for discerning travellers the world over and has long captured the hearts of noted celebrities from Formula 1 race car driver Nigel Mansel to musical artists including George Benson, Gloria Gaynor, Bryan Ferry, Robeta Flack, and Lionel Richie—all of whom have performed at the hotel's annual Summer Gala held in August.

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