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Although it was actualized in 2012 by South African architect Stauch Vorster, the legacy of The St. Regis Mauritius Resort dates back more than 100 years. At that time, the Manor House, which forms the centre of the resort, served as the home of a local family of privilege. Enabled by the head of the household's success in the Mauritian sugar and rum trade, the family enjoyed ample time basking in the dramatic landscape on Le Morne peninsula and embarking on marine adventures in the turquoise waters that lapped the foot of the family home.

Regularly, they set sail across the lagoon, with their sights set on the wide-open Indian Ocean. The stories they encountered and the keepsakes they collected on these excursions provided much of what is seen at the resort today. Following a complete restoration, the Manor House still comprises seven elegantly-appointed sleeping quarters, now suites, which at the turn of the century would have accommodated visiting dignitaries and royalty. The colonial ambiance also extends across almost one kilometre of beach, where Vorster has designed a series of new, captivating residences and suites.

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