• По вопросу пребывания дольше 90 дней позвоните по телефону 866-539-3446.
  • Можно бронировать не ранее чем за 550 дней.
  • Еще раз проверьте ваши даты.

The Hotel Paracas resort has been designed and built in the same place where the traditional Hotel Paracas was located 50 years ago. For more than sixty years, it was the preferred hotel for Lima residents who longed for a peaceful weekend getaway. The hotel was leveled during the 2007 Ica region earthquake, and rebuilding this historic structure has been guided by the hope of recapturing and preserving its original spirit. The interior design concept is contemporary without being urban, and it meshes perfectly with the hotel’s location by the sea.

The Paracas were a Pre-Incan people that flourished in the Ica Region, famous for their very advanced textile manufacturing skills. Designs on the fabrics and floor coverings are based upon abstract geometric patterns found on Paracas textile pieces that have been discovered in the area.

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