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Sheraton Zhengzhou Hotel


Found on the Yellow River’s southern plain in central China, Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province. An ancient city, Zhengzhou dates back 3,600 years to the Shang Dynasty. The Sheraton Zhengzhou Hotel is centrally located in the new Central Business District of East Zhengzhou, a contemporary area that has been awarded for its urban planning. Retail shopping and entertainment options are just steps away, as are public transportation options. Furthermore, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (CGO) is only a 25-minute drive from the hotel.

Gather and explore the sites, including the nearby Shang City Ruins. In addition to the age-old city wall, visitors can see exhibits showcasing historic bronzeware, stoneware, jade carvings, ceramics, wells, and tombs. More historical relics and prehistoric artifacts can be found 6 kilometers away in the Henan Museum, one of China’s oldest. Just 1 kilometer from the hotel, Erqi Square is Zhengzhou’s busiest commercial area and is packed with department stores and restaurants. It is also home to the Erqi Memorial Tower, built to commemorate a strike that occurred on February 7, 1923. Also engaging are the ancient Songyang Academy and the Astronomical Observatory.

Don’t miss seeing Mount Song. Situated about 80 kilometers southwest of Zhengzhou, this UNESCO World Heritage Site and sacred Taoist mountain is filled with religious structures, including the Shaolin Temple and an ancient Chinese kung fu center. Mount Song is also home to the Pagoda Forest, highlighted by its more than 240 tomb pagodas. More nature can be found at the picturesque Yellow River Scenic Area. Located about 30 kilometers northwest of Zhengzhou along the Yellow River, it boasts verdant land, clear waters, pavilions, and historical statues. And thrill-seekers can take an exhilarating ride on China’s longest rollercoaster at the Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park, which offers 30 entertaining rides.

Relax at the end of the day with a traditional Yu opera performance and a restful meal. Highlights of the delicious local cuisine include baked carp, red-cooked chicken Daokou-style, chicken soup with lotus seeds, tendril-shaped cake, and Henan-style noodle soup.


  • CBD Dennis Seven Days Mall  4.5 km/2.8 Meilen


  • Neues zentrales Geschäftsviertel von Zhengdong  2.0 km/1.2 Meilen
  • Nissan  13.6 km/8.4 Meilen
  • Foxconn  33.0 km/20.5 Meilen

Freizeit und Erholung

  • Zhengzhou Zoo  7.0 km/4.3 Meilen


  • Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre  3.5 km/2.2 Meilen
  • Shaolin-Tempel, Songshan  80.0 km/49.7 Meilen


  • 18-Loch-Golfplatz  9.3 km/5.8 Meilen

Kunst und Kultur

  • Henan Art Center  2.0 km/1.2 Meilen
  • Henan Museum  6.0 km/3.7 Meilen


  • Provinzregierung Henan  0.1 km/0.1 Meilen

Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort

  • Erqi-Gedächtnisturm  1.0 km/0.6 Meilen
  • Gelber Fluss Landschaftsgebiet  37.0 km/23.0 Meilen
  • QingMing Flusspark, KaiFeng  60.0 km/37.3 Meilen
  • Tempel des weißen Pferdes, LuoYang  125.0 km/77.7 Meilen
  • Longmen-Grotten, LuoYang  140.0 km/87.0 Meilen


  • Ostbahnhof Zhengzhou  3.5 km/2.2 Meilen
  • Bahnhof Zhengzhou  10.0 km/6.2 Meilen
  • Internationaler Flughafen Zhengzhou Xinzheng  30.0 km/18.6 Meilen



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