One of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China, Kaifeng is situated along the southern banks of the Yellow River in China’s northern Henan Province. The Sheraton Kaifeng is conveniently located on Zhengbian Avenue. An entertainment center is next door, and Kaifeng’s main attractions are just 10 minutes away by car. Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (CGO) is a 50-minute drive away.

Get out and explore the sites. Kaifeng is an historically and culturally renowned city. Because of its picturesque views and lakes, it’s also considered one of China’s beautiful cities. A fun way to get around is on a motorized rickshaw, called a “bengbeng.” See one of China’s important pagodas, the Iron Pagoda. Built in 1049, the 13-story structure is actually made of brown-glazed bricks. Don’t miss seeing the Buddhist Daxiangguo Temple, built in 555. Visitors can watch the monks performing their daily chanting rituals. Also noteworthy is the small and historic Yanqing Taoist Temple. It contains a two-story pagoda with a beautiful blue-glazed tile balcony and painted carvings on the front gate. More culture can be found at the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, an ancestral hall that was built to pay homage to the highly praised and respected Song Dynasty official.

Explore the scenery at Dragon Pavilion Park. Situated northwest of the city, its highlight is the Dragon Pavilion. The annual Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival is held there every October. The impressive displays at the Kaifeng Museum contain about 50,000 relics—pottery, porcelain, bronze items, paintings, sculptures, jade, lacquer ware, and much more.

Shoppers should head to Song Street. Shops offer local handicrafts and indigenous products such as Bianxiu embroidery, spiced bean curd, and peanut cake. Don’t forget to sample some of Kaifeng’s local foods, including steaming pie, Chinese dumplings, and five-spice bread.