Situated on the southeastern coast near the Geumho River, and officially known as Daegu Metropolitan City, Daegu is South Korea’s fourth-largest city. The Sheraton Daegu Hotel is conveniently located on Beomeo-dong in the heart of the city center’s Suseong District. The Beomeo subway station is next to the hotel, and both the main Dondaegu train station and Daegu International Airport (TAE) can be reached by car in approximately 10 minutes.

Take a hike along one of Palgongsan’s pretty trails and examine its numerous traditional temples along the way. At the top of the mountain, visitors can see Daegu’s most famous monument, the stone Buddha Gatbawi. The park is just 30 minutes by car from the hotel. Daegu’s many other interesting parks include Apsan Park (just minutes from the hotel), Daegu Arboretum, Mangwoo Park, Gyeongsan-gamyeong Park, and Gukchaebosang Memorial Park. Take in panoramic city views from the top of Daegu’s tallest building, Woobang Tower, at the Woobang Land theme park. This landmark stands more than 200 meters high.

Peruse the native relics at the Daegu National Museum, or see the latest colorful exhibition at the Daegu Art Museum. Take a leisurely stroll around the artsy area Bongsan-dong to see art galleries and studios. More indigenous culture can be found at the Yangnyeongsi herb medical festival, the Otgol village festival, and numerous other festivals held throughout the year. Daegu also has a lively performing arts scene, which includes opera, music, and body painting.

In addition to its department stores, Daegu boasts a range of traditional markets. Dating back 350 years, Yangnyeongsi is South Korea’s oldest medicinal herb market, and both Seomun and Chilseong sell all sorts of items. After a day out, savor delightful cuisine in one of the many restaurants located near the hotel in Suseong District.