An evocative fragrance crafted exclusively for St. Regis.

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Signature Scent

Caroline's Four Hundred is named for "The" Mrs. Caroline Astor, the matriarch of the St. Regis brand. The rich, green fragrance was created by Carlos Huber of ARQUISTE Parfumeur, inspired by the exquisite floral arrangements at one of Caroline's last grand galas during the Gilded Age.

Behind Caroline's Four Hundred

The Scent of St. Regis

Hear from world-renowned scent designer, architect and historic preservationist, Carlos Huber on his partnership with St. Regis to create a scent that reflects the hotel's timeless allure.

Exquisite Notes

American Beauty Rose

Guests of the ball were greeted in the drawing room, which was filled with vases of American Beauty roses, Caroline Astor's favorite flower.

Exquisite Notes

Palm Frond

Potted palms appeared throughout the hallways, their expansive fronds lending a lush, tropical aroma to the air.

Exquisite Notes


During supper, bowls of violets were used as table centerpieces, filling the room with their delicate scent and distinctive purple hue.

Exquisite Notes

Easter Lily

Soft, white and fragrant, Easter lilies were included in the floral displays in the grand ballroom.

Exquisite Notes

Quince Blossom

Guests proceeding to the ballroom were greeted by the soft, sweet scent of quince blossom, with its fruity notes of apple and pear.

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