Meet the inspiration behind our wellness offerings.

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Westin Well-Being Experts

We work with a globally diverse group of wellness experts to guide and inspire our guest experience. Trained in a variety of wellness-focused activities from yoga to distance running to dance, our experts encourage both guests and associates to lead healthy, active lifestyles by keeping well-being top of mind. Meet our experts and learn how their commitment to wellness motivates us - and millions of our guests - every day.

RunWESTIN Concierge

Chris Heuisler

Chris realized his passion for running soon after finishing the 2000 Philadelphia marathon. He has since completed 29 marathons and is attempting to complete one in every state. He began coaching other runners and earned his RRCA license in 2012.

Personal Trainer & Blogger

Faya Nilsson

Health coach and fitness blogger, Faya Nilsson shares her secrets to a healthy lifestyle on her award-winning blog, Fitness on Toast. The Fitness on Toast ethos includes training smarter, spoiling your body with the most nutritious high-quality foods around, and sustainably pursuing a lifestyle of wellness.

Health Coach, Model & TV Host

Rachael Finch

One of Australia's most popular media personalities, Rachael Finch has appeared on Dancing with the Stars, an experience which sparked her passion for dance. As a Certified Health Coach, Rachael enjoys all forms of exercise and believes good nutrition is key to staying fit.

Westin Wellness Tips

Eat Smart for Better Sleep

"Try adding foods high in magnesium to promote restful sleep patterns. It also calms your nerves and muscles."

– Rachael Finch


Westin Wellness Tips

Wake Earlier

"I make it a point to wake up before 6am and start my day with meditation. I find that it places my mind into positivity for the rest of the day."

– Jojo Struys


Westin Wellness Tips

Stay Hydrated

"Your brain is composed of about 75% water, which is why a lack of it can result in decreased concentration and alertness. I keep a bottle of water handy on my desk and in meetings."

– Waka Nozawa


Westin Wellness Tips

Think Like a Vegetarian

"At airports, it's very easy to be tempted by the plethora of unhealthy options, but if you opt for more fruits and vegetables on the road your body will thank you."

– Chris Heuisler


Westin Wellness Tips

Play Hard

"Work hard and play hard because as cliché as it sounds, it's true that all work and no play makes life dull. Make sure you take time out to do what rejuvenates you."

– Jojo Struys


Westin Wellness Tips

Visit Your Zen Zone

"The spa is a dedicated zone to relax and unwind; make a point to visit the spa on every trip and you'll feel a little more ‘zen’."

– Faya Nillson


TV Host & Wellness Speaker

Jojo Struys

Jojo Struys lives out her active passion for positive well-being through tap dancing, yoga and meditation. She is an accredited Reiki master with over 15 years of experience.

Model & Yoga Instructor

Waka Nozawa

Renowned fashion model turned yoga enthusiast Waka Nozawa has helped elevate yoga's popularity in Japan. More than 200 fans join in her Yoga festival segment annually, and her top-selling yoga program DVDs have enhanced the overall physical, mental and spiritual aspects of many in Japan by restoring their mind-body balance.