A mission to help communities around the world.

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Last year, we launched a global campaign, Let’s Rise, taking on the unpredictability of travel and empowering travelers to regain control of their well-being when they need it most on the road. As part of this rally cry we looked to our associates for ideas on how to spread well-being to the communities in which they live and serve. Hundreds of innovative ideas were submitted. After thoughtful review, we selected an insight and developed a solution that would change the industry.

Every Thread Counts

With the help of Clean the World, Westin initiated an unprecedented sustainability program to collect, process, and reweave discarded Heavenly Bed linens, transforming them into thousands of pairs of pajamas to be donated to children in need.

Power of Pajamas

The simple act of putting on pajamas before bedtime is proven to help cement long-term healthy sleep habits.

Every Child Deserves To Sleep Well

With the help of Delivering Good, Westin is donating these pajamas to children in need around the world, whose circumstances can contribute to shortened, more fragmented sleep.


Help Give the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep

Support this cause by purchasing a pair of these pajamas. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Delivering Good, a non-profit organization, supporting our efforts to give children in need the opportunity to Sleep Well.

Common Threads

What is the common thread between our hotels' Heavenly Bedding and children's PJs?

Did You Know?

Sleep is often considered less of a priority in the health and wellness space, particularly in comparison to healthy eating and exercise.


Did You Know?

Sufficient sleep is critical for children's overall health, growth and development.


Did You Know?

Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of daytime consequences such as lower cognitive performance, increased fussiness, and lower academic achievement.


Did You Know?

A sleep deprived sixth grader will function at a fourth-grade level in the classroom.


Did You Know?

Low-income children are more prone to thinking and stressing about friends, family and home conditions at night as they fall asleep.


Did You Know?

Putting on pajamas as a part of a bedtime routine can significantly improve a child's quality of sleep. Establishing a routine helps children fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly.


Making An Impact

ThreadForward supports Marriott International's sustainability and social impact platform, Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction. Marriott is committed to making a positive and sustainable impact wherever it does business and at Westin we made it a priority with this initiative to help reduce our environmental impact while nurturing our world.