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The Westin Xiamen Heavenly Spa by Westin™

Your transformation begins the moment you walk through the door. Step into a pair of soft slippers and select an herbal tea to begin your healing ritual in the lounge. With warm colors, low lighting, and stone and wood walls, the lounge encourages relaxation before and between treatments.

Our spa and treatment rooms are filled with exotic greenery, from bird of paradise to golden cane palm and orchids. Chocolate and natural wood accents create a setting that pays homage to contemporary Asia, while a rippling fountain creates a sense of calm.

Our spa rooms offer unique features such as heated marble benches for luxurious body scrubs and wraps, and free-standing tubs for fragrant baths. Drenching rainforest showers feature specially programmed colored lighting to inspire calm while aromatic steam rooms revitalize the senses with customized aromatherapy treatments. Discover a spa experience like no other in our Couples Suite, which features a private shower, steam room, sauna, and whirlpool.

Performed by professionally trained therapists, our treatments are designed to help the body shed fatigue and stress and encourage balance and well-being. A foot massage will erase miles of tension, while facials and full-body massages melt away stress. Put the finishing touches on your transformation with a visit to our hair salon.

We recommend making an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. All prices are subjected to a 15% service charge. Cancellations should be made at least six hours before the scheduled appointment.

Ambiance: Modern, Relaxing
Produits: Biogroga, Bio Strate
Aménagements spéciaux: Steam Room, Sauna, Whirlpool
Horaires du spa: 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Appeler le spa: (86)(592) 337 8233

Bath Treatment

  • Rose Romance
    Sprinkled rose petals highlight a delightfully romantic experience.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/580 CNY
  • Lusar Retreat
    Find harmony with our Lusar experience, where aromas, steam, mist, a splash fountain, and a HydroColor lighting system help you unwind.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/580 CNY
  • Sweet Dream
    This soothing aromatic journey takes you away from the city’s hectic pace and calms your state of mind to invite deep relaxation and sweet dreams.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/580 CNY

Body Treatments

  • Sunburn Recovery Body Wrap
    Ideal at repairing skin after a sunburn, this treatment assists skin cells’ regeneration, resulting in pure, healthy skin.
    • Tarifs : 40 minutes/680 CNY
  • Silky Chocolate and Milk Body Wrap
    This wrap utilizes chocolate essence powder and cacao oil, which contain a variety of active ingredients. Vitamin A and E can increase blood circulation and accelerate fat metabolism, and milk nourishes the skin.
    • Tarifs : 40 minutes/680 CNY
  • Rose Exfoliation
    Fresh fruit essences and diversified active ingredients deeply clean, whiten, and help your skin retain moisture.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/680 CNY
  • Almond Exfoliation
    Rich almond essences efficiently exfoliate, thoroughly remove pore contaminants, and reveal bright, glowing skin.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/680 CNY
  • Aroma Sea Mud Body Wrap
    Marine salt and algae extract help in exfoliating dull, tired skin. Leaving skin silky-smooth and refreshed, this scrub is highly recommended as a pre-treatment to maximize the results of a massage or other therapy.
    • Tarifs : 40 minutes/680 CNY

Massage Services

  • Deep Impact Massage
    A therapist uses thumbs and elbows to soothe muscle aches, improve blood circulation, and relieve tension. This intense massage’s sensation is further enhanced by the warming properties of our herbal oil.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/580 CNY
  • Back Massage
    A soothing blended oil and precise massage techniques help relieve tension and increase your energy. Specific areas of the back and shoulders are targeted for deeper work.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/580 CNY
  • Energy Regenerating
    As pure aromatic oils uplift senses, selected smooth stones are applied to warm skin. This luxurious massage uses heat to relax stiff muscles, promote blood circulation, and relieve pressure and tension.
    • Tarifs : 120 minutes/1480 CNY
  • Cupping
    This ancient Chinese physical therapy is combined with modern technology for degrees of stimulation and absorption. By employing heat, cupping regulates Qi and blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, and helps prevent diseases.
    • Tarifs : 20 minutes/480 CNY
  • Rain Dance
    Your journey begins with the application of a unique rain oil. Then you experience the sensation of smooth rain sticks that have been specially formulated to fit the body’s curves and contours.
    • Tarifs : 90 minutes/1480 CNY
  • Foot Reflexology
    Based on Chinese traditions, reflexology focuses on reflex points of the feet, which correspond to the body’s constantly flowing energy (qi).
    • Tarifs : 60 minutes/580 CNY
  • Rollerssage
    Pure, perfectly round crystals are heated and rolled over the body for a gentle, soothing massage that is utterly calming and completely absorbing.
    • Tarifs : 90 minutes/1480 CNY
  • Spleen and Stomach Conditioning Therapy
    By combining natural essential oil, unique massage techniques, acupuncture point stimulation, and a hot compress, this treatment strengthens the spleen’s function, improves digestion, and reduces stomach pain and discomfort.
    • Tarifs : 40 minutes/580 CNY
  • Scraping
    Experience the remarkable effect of scraping. Based on TCM theories, scraping on relevant body parts will dilate blood capillaries, increase sweat gland secretions, and promote blood circulation.
    • Tarifs : 20 minutes/480 CNY
  • Lymphatic Drainage
    This massage is adapted from body venation. A targeted sequence of soothing massage movements alleviates fatigue, activates the lymphatic system, reduces fluid retention, and restores vitality to the skin.
    • Tarifs : 60 minutes/880 CNY; 90 minutes/1180 CNY
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage
    This treatment is especially suitable for office workers with sore necks and shoulders. The aroma of tangerine essential oil and the sound of light music set the tone for relaxation.
    • Tarifs : 40 minutes/580 CNY
  • Traditional Chinese Massage
    This deep-tissue therapy also serves as a pampering, relaxing experience. A therapist uses gentle, regular, deeply-penetrating manipulations to maximize your benefits.
    • Tarifs : 60 minutes/680 CNY; 90 minutes/880 CNY
  • Lomilomi Massage
    This popular Hawaiian massage is also known as the “loving hands” massage. A therapist works gently yet deeply into muscles with continuous, flowing strokes.
    • Tarifs : 60 minutes/880 CNY; 90 minutes/1180 CNY
  • Head Scraping
    This treatment uses professional techniques with stone needles to deeply clean the scalp and regulate scalp oil secretions. Stone needles can also improve circulation, in turn reducing blood pressure and helping with sleep.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/480 CNY
  • Lower Back Problem Retreat
    A meridian treatment combines with a massage treatment to relieve tension and spasms in the lumbar area and to provide an analgesic effect for menstruation.
    • Tarifs : 40 minutes/580 CNY
  • Heavenly Spa Signature Massage
    This massage can effectively improve blood circulation, ease muscle fatigue, activate cell metabolism, clear meridians, and enhance the body’s resistance to disease.
    • Tarifs : 60 minutes/880 CNY; 90 minutes/1180 CNY
  • Herbal Fragrance
    After being immersed in elaborately created apricot kernel oil and steamed, TCM herbal essences directly permeate into the skin through classic massage techniques.
    • Tarifs : 120 minutes/1780 CNY
  • Light Within
    Inspired by Kahuna, an ancient Hawaiian healing tradition, this massage begins with a blessing and meditation. Rhythmic pressure, connecting strokes, and essential oils stimulate the flow of energy—enhancing relaxation and overall health.
    • Tarifs : 60 minutes/680 CNY; 90 minutes/980 CNY

Skin Care Services

  • Deep Cleansing Facial
    Our Deep Cleansing Facial is designed to normalize skin by removing impurities, dead cells, and excess oil from deep within the pores. As congestion is decreased and pH is balanced, skin will appear fresher and resist blemishes more effectively.
    • Tarifs : 90 minutes/1080 CNY
  • TCM Facial
    This treatment works on internal and external levels to eliminate toxins from the face. Its intensive skincare effects instantly impart a soft, plump texture.
    • Tarifs : 90 minutes/1080 CNY
  • TCM Lymphatic Drainage Facial
    Unveil a blemish-free complexion and velvety-smooth skin. The natural ingredient Arnica promotes blood circulation and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots.
    • Tarifs : 90 minutes/1080 CNY
  • Ear Candling
    Warm air and smoke are used to loosen and extract earwax and impurities from the ear canal.
    • Tarifs : 40 minutes/580 CNY
  • Cryotherapy Facial
    This treatment is designed to repair skin after a sunburn.
    • Tarifs : 90 minutes/1080 CNY
  • Eye Treatment
    This intensive eye treatment diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dark circles, relieves puffy eyes, and improves clarity to fully rejuvenate this delicate area.
    • Tarifs : 30 minutes/580 CNY
  • Rose Moisturizing Facial
    This facial lightens skin, diminishes the appearance of aging, and improves elasticity.
    • Tarifs : 90 minutes/1080 CNY

Spa Packages

  • Wish
    This comprehensive package includes aromatic tea, a hot shower, an aromatic foot bath, a lomilomi massage, spleen and stomach conditioning, a neck and shoulder massage, and nourishing soup, seasonal fruit, and wellness tea.
    • Tarifs : 190 minutes/2280 CNY
  • Dream
    This comprehensive package includes aromatic tea, a hot shower, an aromatic foot bath, an almond exfoliation, a meridian-unblocking massage, and nourishing soup, seasonal fruit, and wellness tea.
    • Tarifs : 150 minutes/1580 CNY
  • Sleep Deeply
    This comprehensive package includes aromatic tea, a hot shower, aromatic foot bath, Lusar Retreat, body scrub and wrap, lymph facial, spleen and stomach conditioning, neck and shoulder massage, and nourishing soup, seasonal fruit, and wellness tea.
    • Tarifs : 180 minutes/2280 CNY
  • Hope
    This comprehensive package includes aromatic tea, a hot shower, an aromatic foot bath, a meridian-unblocking massage, a TCM facial, and nourishing soup, seasonal fruit, and wellness tea.
    • Tarifs : 180 minutes/2080 CNY