Enjoy our inventive and delicious cuisine, sure to impress all of your guests. Opt for a buffet package that suits your special event or conference perfectly—or choose a starter and main course from a self-selector menu.

The hotel’s culinary staff, featuring talented Executive Chef Grant Cullingworth, offers a wide range of options. Renowned for its expertise, flair, creativity, and cooperation, our team focuses their efforts on delicious offerings that are seasonal and farm-fresh. Under Chef Cullingworth's direction, our staff strives to create each guest's perfect menu.

Examples of the innovative and enticing range found in our catering menus include a South African breakfast of scrambled eggs, boerewors chipolatas, and homemade potato and chive rosti. Energise and delight delegates with a refreshing conference lunch menu consisting of items like prawn spring rolls, followed by chargrilled beef sirloin with creamy mushroom risotto. Or opt for a more expansive conference buffet package, comprising selections such as honey roasted butternut and sweet potato fritters, grilled yellowtail, and irresistible desserts like rooibos tea crème brulee with gooseberries or black cherry cheesecake.