Salon Tuileries

The spectacular 19th-century Salon Impérial dazzles with its ornate floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Above, gilt chandeliers sparkle as they illuminate the salon’s finer details as well as yards of rich red drapes and carpets. This salon can accommodate up to 700 for a reception and 400 with banquet seating. (367 square meters)

The Salon Napoléon provides the perfect background for elegant entertaining, complete with rococo ornamentation, striking friezes, and glittering chandeliers. It is suitable for high-level conferences, banquets, fashion shows, or receptions of up to 250 guests. (202 square meters)

The Salon Aiglon has magnificent gilded pillars decorated in gold leaf to the ceiling where they meet intricate frescos and golden sculptured angels. This Salon makes the perfect backdrop for a variety of events, including receptions for up to 150 guests and banquets for 210. (161 square meters)

The Salon Concorde is our magnificent grand ballroom, hosting receptions of up to 850 guests and 560 for a magnificent sit-down meal. Topped by a glass pyramid, rich blue carpet, and mirrored walls and sconces provide a regal setting for large-scale celebrations, fashion shows, incentives, lunches, and dinners under the stars. Interior balconies provide additional space. (414 square meters)

For a completely different kind of setting, consider the elegant Winter Garden. Enclosed by a magnificent glass roof restored according to the original plans of the historical building, this covered terrace can accommodate up to 150 people for a reception and seat 120 guests for a meal.

Located on the mezzanine level, the Salons Tuileries and Vendôme are designed for luncheons or dinners for groups from 50 to 250. A separate area can be incorporated to serve attendees at coffee breaks.

The Salons Castiglione, Feuillants, Mont-Thabor, Rivoli, and Saint-Honoré have been specially designed to offer a fine setting for more intimate meetings and receptions. They feature classic furnishings, ample daylight, and the latest in low-profile, high-tech equipment. Each is unique and adapts to a wide variety of requirements.