W St. Petersburg
Meeting Menus

Pick your preference. We’ll be happy to help you customize the perfect menu for your guests and get-together.

Choose between an “Awake” crepe menu, “Bonjour” French toast menu, “Wonderful Waffles” offering, traditional Continental and American breakfast options, and innovative epicurean dishes with champagne from miX.

Morning or Afternoon Breaks:
Go “Short and Sweet” with freshly brewed tea and illy coffee or rejuvenating with W Spa’s elixirs, brownies and granola/yogurt parfaits. The “Break 5” menu mixes fruit cake, chocolate, lemon tarts and madeleine cookies while “Power” combines healthful smoothies and power bars with fruit salad. For a sugar rush, stick with “Pastries-Viennoiserie,” “Paris-Parisienne” or “Sweets.” Each menu offers sweet baked bites. Meanwhile, “Childhood” brings back memories of marshmallows and ice cream, and “Mini Sandwiches” translates the best of lunch into a bite via miniature club sandwiches with smoked salmon and cream, petit croquet monsieur and more.

Lunch and Dinner:
Get as formal as you like with either plated or buffet lunch and dinner options. A variety of three-course menus ensures a tempting variety of starter, main course and dessert selections.