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Event Space - Stage

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Event Space - Strategy

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Event Space - Retreat, Outdoor

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Event Space - Great Room 2

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Event Space - Industry 1&3

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Event Space - Industry 2&4

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Event Space - Away

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Event Space - Studio 1

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Event Space - Great Room 1

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Event Space - Studio 6

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Event Space - Studio 2,3,4,5

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Event Space - Focus

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Event Space - Altitude, 27th Floor

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Event Space - Great Room

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Event Space - Altitude - 27th Floor Ballroom

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Event Space- Altitude - 27th Floor Ballroom

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Event Space - Altitude 27th Floor

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Event Space - Away

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TRACE Restaurant - Trellis

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TRACE Restaurant - Pond Room

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Meeting Room

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In over 26,000 square feet of event space and studios, the W Atlanta - Midtown features fully adaptable conference equipment that turn business pow-wows into exhilarating oh-wows, and the largest ballroom in the area. Creative in approach and innovative in design, we'll engage and energize attendees and participants of all meetings, soirees and fetes.

Our unique W Hotels Meetings Set-up gets ideas flowing with mood music, signature scents and more. And if work isn't working for you, take a break with Recess™, where you'll delight in a menu of activities that's fun and beneficial for everyone. Additionally, all rooms are fully wired with the latest technology for the ultimate in technological bells and whistles, telecommunications wizardry and audiovisual spectacles.

Looking for something special? Try our meeting and events special offers.

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Некоторые указанные услуги и удобства могут быть недоступны 24 часа в сутки или без предварительного запроса. За некоторые услуги может взиматься дополнительная плата.

W Hotels Meetings Set-Up

Energize your meetings or special events at W Hotels. Whatever the occasion, we'll create an atmosphere that'll engage your attendees and amplify your celebrations. We'll develop a meeting space that'll inspire and get ideas flowing.

About Weddings at W Atlanta - Midtown

From the perfect proposal to the dreamiest honeymoon, W Hotels always provides a brilliant backdrop for a wedding or commitment ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. And sensationally styled spaces are just the beginning.

What Cool Stuff

Bask in virtually limitless technology. LCD screens, High Speed Internet Access, Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment put you within a millisecond of the world you're influencing.


From stretching and yoga to brain-teasers and ice-breakers, W Hotels' meeting specialists will help you create unique, inspiring, team building and downright fun experiences that will transform your meeting and still complement the business at hand.