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Guests must be over age 13
Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 96 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by Neverever / Whatsoever My experience with this property was so awful I am not sure where to start. Just so you know I am a frequent traveler for pleasure and business. Not just to the Maldives but around the world. So I feel qualified to write a review about this experience. No doubt the resort is beautiful but so are others in the Maldives. If you have not stayed in some of the other properties in the Maldives and don’t have any benchmark to go with then of course this would be exceptional. However it is far from it. I have never walked away so disappointed before and I am really quite easy going. On arrival we were pleasantly greeted and this was pretty much the only warm welcome we got during our entire stay. During the tour of the property the (talent) mixed up our room with another guest. He was showing around just 2 couples including us. So much for talent. When I pointed it out to him about the mix up from the obvious welcome letter addressed to someone else and not us. He said, all the rooms are the same and that he will sort it out. Obviously due to this our bags took forever to come. During the entire stay we had to log in to the internet with the wrong room number. They said this would be corrected but it was tedious to keep asking. Food: This is possibly my biggest complaint. It is also overpriced and way below average. The three restaurants one the island alternate in terms of when they are open. The pretty much rotate the same menu around with a few things different here and there which are all below average anyways. With Fish (Restaurant) being the worst. The have a limited wine list and the “talent” told us that we can order from the main restaurant wine list but would that “very long” to get there. Clearly discouraging us from ordering. I understand that it’s on an island and everything has to be imported but clearly when you have reef fish it’s local or locally sourced. One of the evening at Kitchen we ordered some drinks and were sitting and talking to other guests when they just shut shop with us still there. Turned off the lights and literally told us they need to leave. Not like there was any other option since all the bars close at 11:30 pm. They even said the only place for us to get any drinks would be the mini bar in the room. W is known for their parties and we were there over a long weekend and we choose W so that maybe we could enjoy ourselves in the evening with some music and lively environment. Boy were we wrong. The DJ was on a break OVER THE WEEKEND??? We live in 2015 and you don’t necessarily need a DJ. Maybe she/he could have left a playlist? So if you want to enjoy a drink post 11.00 PM go to your room. The breakfast was very good and the best meal with a very nice spread. However the coffee tasted like detergent. I could go on about the service of their staff (Talent) but the less said the better. The housekeeping is very inconsistent with their turn down service and daily cleaning. You shouldn’t have to call the room and inform guests to return rental gear the day before departure. We did not come all the way to Maldives to steal old snorkels and fins. Besides you can always charge us with the credit card you have of us if you find it missing? There is no privacy for a property such as this. We have random staff walking by the wonderful beach oasis checking on the pool etc. As much as I appreciate people trying to keep everything working and looking nice. Why not make them come through the front door instead of accessing the pool from the beach area? To top it off when we checked out not a single “talent” asked us how our stay was. I left my sunglasses behind. I am not very attached to it but I just don’t want anything to do with this property and W Maldives has offered to ship it back for USD 65. Thank you. I can go on but this is a waste of my time. This was probably the only time I was on a long weekend break and was happy to go home instead of wanting to stay longer. That’s a shame as SPG properties was always my first preference and as SPG Gold I expected better. So in line with the W theme NEVEREVER / WHATSOEVER. March 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Will definitely be back! A bulleted list of pros and cons Pros: - can spend the whole vacation not seeing any other guests. Veryyyy private villa setups. - breakfast buffet is awesome. - Believe it or not we actually loved our beach villa more than our over-water villa. Stunning accommodations, GREAT bathrooms and resort music - saw turtles and reef sharks while snorkeling right off our deck - gorgeous grounds, great service staff Cons - We are a young couple, and attribute this to the reason the manager greeted all other guests and dinner every evening and snubbed us. If we are spending large sums of $ at your resort we deserve respect as well. A simple "good evening" would do - beverages and breakfast amazing..... Dinner was so-so. January 14, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I expected a lot, but hotel expected me too :) Though definitely I had a package of expectations (as much as I try to avoid that when I travel), I could throw them all out pretty much on my first day, as it wasn't fair to use them for anything :) Starting with my arrival to passing the security gate on my departure, hotel staff, including the awesome GM, was extremely helpful and welcoming, and I could relax at pretty much every moment without having a single negative thought. It was a bit hilarious when we were taken around the island in a cart though, it looked much bigger that way, than on foot. We stayed in lagoon-facing Ocean Oasis, the suite itself had enough of space in it even if you didn't want to go out to the terrace or other parts of the island. Bath facilities were great too, both outside pool/shower, and roomy internal one with huge bathtub and spacey shower. Romance stuff (candles et al) were provided as well ;-) Living room had a good enough sound system, WiFi was of much higher quality than Starwood-standard, and could easily drive Spotify connected to in-room Bose sound system, albeit outside speakers were a bit silent, for sake of neighbors... The ocean can be a bit loud, depending on weather, especially at night - though I loved it, for someone who doesn't stand nocturnal noises probably beach villas are better choice. I didn't try SPA facilities, but my spouse did and was extremely satisfied by them. I chose instead to take out the catamaran - lots of warm wind and not too choppy waves make it one of best activities you can do, if you are not into windsurfing (there's also kite-surfing, kayaking, and seabob for the lazy). We did snorkel a lot (house reef is quite amazing), though lagoon-facing room did not have that easy access to the reef - had to cross the lagoon, and I "lost" in a dead-end once, when trying to figure out the safe passage. I took a introduction to scuba-diving that was easy way to go a bit deeper. I went with a group that had one panicking person, so I guess I got way more freedom than usually... Though probably it isn't the best spot for die hard scuba divers - for a casual dive there're plenty of opportunities. I should definitely highlight an expedition with island's marine biologist - while we were heading towards more interesting reef we had great conversation - he sure qualifies for a biologist position. We got to see a shark, a turtle and a ray circled us few times within a very short period of time. Plenty of excitement :-) As for food - breakfast was truly superb, and dinner options were great too. Sushi cooking lesson was a decent introduction to their Fish restaurant, which definitely has better chefs than me - a truly delicious fresh seafood is what you should expect at premium Maldives property. Fire grill was rather unexpected experience - all you can eat meat was really tasty and plenty. An easy way to get into meat coma though - there're just way too many grill choices (and styles) to taste, and all of them are great. There was one tiny moment where waiters suggested waiting for order at the table and forgot to deliver, though (thats the only negative moment I decided to lie about at the introduction of this review). Bars served great drinks, and a complimentary drink here and there was always nice. I truly failed at going to their nightclub (decided to go there on Friday, which is probably bad idea in a Muslim country). Last but not the least, the vibe at this hotel was exactly what I wanted for my vacation - nothing too posh, all the luxury was in the simplicity and understanding needs of a young traveler. Music, design, etc - definitely reminded of bustling W lifestyle in large cities, yet it was properly adjusted for a holiday destination. I didn't feel just welcome, I felt expected, so I could simply relax and escape. February 23, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Recent Maldives trip - 7 Nights May My wife and I stayed at this resort for our wedding anniversary. Having spent our honeymoon at the St Regis Bora Bora we had high hopes and expectations of the W @ Maldives. firstly, Maldives as a whole has a huge commercial drive which is frankly quite annoying as you are confronted with this from the get go. Being someone who likes to get acquainted and accustomed to my surroundings first I find this quite unnerving. This starts at the W reception at the Maldives airport. Half of our day was spent waiting at this reception as the transport to the resort is done via cost effective sea plane. In our experience this took an hour to arrive. Not a great start to a 5* deluxe and priced resort. We stayed in a beach room as we had already experienced a premium overwater room at Bora Bora so we wanted a change. The rooms are very outdated and small. The bathroom is lovely but at 5:30pm everyday you are chocked by the mosquito prevention spray. There is no protection from this. We were also shocked by the cleanliness of rooms, no effort is made to sweep the floors or to thoroughly clean the rooms. Also our sofa in the outside garden area was filthy and only cleaned when we complained. I got a rash on my back on the 4th day and got the doctor to come to check me out. She said it probably came from the pool in the room as we had rain showers during the night over the last few days - why wasn't it cleaned. She gave me some cream and wanted $10, I told her to put it on the room and it never showed on the final bill. The people/staff at the hotel are very nice, I was impressed by Steve the GM and the local Maldivian staff, who work really hard and are attentive. The problem with this resort is the skill and creativeness of the staff, there isn't any. There is no touch in elaborating the Whatever Whenever brand and executing this, I simply just didn't get it. The hotel service, creativeness, features and food options are very limited and tired. The resort is nice but lacks style and youth, it did not live up to our expectation at all and this was sad for us as we wanted this place to be our yearly get away as Bora Bora is very far for us to travel. In short for the price this did not live up to the hype of the W brand. May 20, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by The best Maldivian resort I rate this hotel as the best Maldivian. The most important thing - the services are perfect. Every morning at breakfast Justin Kim - director operations is there and if you have any problem it will be solved in minutes. This is the first Maldivian place where the staff is not waiting only for tips and is very friendly. Such a good management is very rare, moreover on Maldives. The water vila are perfect and clean. The food in the restaurants is tasty and the service is fast. The transportation from Male is perfectly organized. The home reef is beatufull and well preserved. This was our second visit and we will go again. February 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE My husband & I visited for our 25th wedding annaversary and the experience from start to finish was outstanding. The staff was wonderful and very nice. From arrival at Male airport to our departure the service was outstanding. I would rate at 6 stars! The room was unbelievable - very comfortable and outstanding view. The property overall is excellent, you feel like you are on your own island even though the resort was fully booked. We ate at Fish and Fire which were both excellent. Room service was outstanding. The breakfast buffet was very well done. The snorkling around the resort is excellent. As experienced divers, this was an outstanding area - we only snorkeled and saw all we needed to - it was the highest population of fishes we have ever seen (and we have dived all over the world). Enjoyed the fact that it is adult only - very relaxing. Can't wait to go back - very relaxing and worth the trip and money. April 8, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Phenomenal Resort This resort did an amazing job of making our December 2012 honeymoon the trip of a lifetime. We stayed two nights in a Beach Oasis and two nights in a Seascape Escape (the best Platinum upgrade we've ever had!) Ku was incredible as our W Insider- she managed to find and mail back my wife's favorite jacket that was left in a closet The only negative thing we experienced was the lounge at the seaplane terminal: the seating was really, really uncomfortable and the fumes from the seaplanes seemed to drift in. Of course, these are minor issues in light of the amazing service and exceptional experience we had at this resort. February 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Breathless Paradise The ultimate W Experience from W Maldives! This is the resort that not only sets the standards for service excellence, it defines the entire culture experience from W. 3 words to summarise what you expect from W Maldives - Unique, private, speechless. Don't let the prices scare you, as you will be in for a truly well looked after experience the minute you alight the fun Seaplane ride. W Maldives team will not only offer a genuine warm welcome, they will continue to delight and impress for your entire stay. Everything you expect from a Category 7 Starwood property. After you alight from the Seaplane, you are warmly greeted by the Talent team whom will briefly whisk you away to the Welcome Jetty with a W Maldives Fairytale cocktail, a very refreshing drink that will linger in your mind long after you leave. Followed by a cool personalised tour ride in their signature buggy letting you know where everything is before you get driven to the doorsteps of your room for your stay. Rooms are well furnished, extremely modern with all the necessities of modern life with high speed internet connectivity (wired and wireless throughout the resort) and full mobile phone coverage letting you keep in touch with the world while literally being in the middle of the Indian Ocean. You will not be bored regardless of the length of your stay, W Maldives has an event filled schedule everyday! I recommend (in no particular order) Parasailing around the island - a private world in the air, Discover scuba diving - experience the under water world like no other, Evening sunset cruise - To watch the romantic day end, Seabob ride - Cruise and dive into the crystal clear lagoon. During my stay, I was well looked after by Chunky Mathew, the only W Insider I know that not only parties with guests to truly immense personalised experience. Everywhere you go, Chunky will be around to look after your every need and request. With no less credit to the entire team, whom went out of their way to welcome and look after you at every interaction. A fantastic team that continually caters to guests needs at every opportunity to deliver a truly W for Wonderful experience. No disappointments and no negative feedback to note, don't be shy to stay away from ad-hoc events organised by the resort. The pool party BBQ in the Ocean Haven room was the best organised event! Not only do you get to mingle with most Talents of the resort, it's a great icebreaker with the other guests staying in the resort. This is the best way to welcome and settle you comfortably into the whole W Maldives experience W Maldives sets the standard for W resorts around the world. The team truly provide the capital Ws in the brand and marque - Wow and the Wonderful is the best way to sum up this resort experience whether if this is your first visit or your returning visit. SPG Platinum and Gold members, you will not be disappointed by the extended privilege to your status. Well done W Maldives team! May 17, 2014
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